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Cheekh Episode 20 Review: The trials will not end for Mannat ever

Slow paced!


We’ve been repeatedly saying that even some of the best actors in the industry cannot help a drama stay afloat if it is held back by a weak script and this is what has become of Cheekh. The Saba Qamar, Bilal Abbas starrer started off at a very high note, Mannat (Saba Qamar) ready and eager to fight and get her killed best friend justice against her own brother in law, Wajih, (Bilal Abbas). But somewhere in the middle, Mannat lost her purpose and became confused with a number of things running in her mind. She left home to support Nayab’s case, but there hasn’t been any significant development in the case up till now. Cheekh lacks pace and the plot is going haywire with the promos of the next episode showing Mannat being sentenced to a mental asylum. The drama has become a chaos, one we’ll definitely be skipping for the next few weeks, until the end.


So what happened in this week’s episode?

Well nothing much to be precise. Haya has realized her mistake and she wants to make it up to Nayab’s parents. She urges them to shift into the house she has rented so that she can be satisfied about the fact that she didn’t believe Mannat earlier when she started fighting for Nayab.

Yawar now feels wary of the house they live in and wants to shift. He certainly knows Wajih has crossed all limits, when Shayan explains to him what happened to Mannat, but still, being cowardly, or for reasons only he knows, Yawar continues to support Wajih.

On the other hand, Wajih, after destroying Mannat’s future and her dreams by becoming the reason for her miscarriage has the audacity to come see her in the hospital with a bunch of flowers. He’s obviously shown his way out, but kudos to his nerves. Bilal Abbas is a wonderful performer and we feel, his acting skills are simply being wasted in a slow paced drama like Cheekh.


During the trial hearing, the police officer who was initially incharge of Nayab’s case, goes back on his words and the statement he gave Mannat in the start. Nayab, told the police officer to convey to Mannat, “Raja bhairya nikla,” and the officer misquotes her directly, stating, that Nayab had asked Mannat to tell Wajih to forgive her. Simply unacceptable. However, Mannat’s lawyer, fighting Nayab’s case has requested a forensic test to rule out everything and now, this is the only way out for Mannat to win justice for Nayab.

However, the upcoming episode’s promo shows, Mannat being sentenced to a mental asylum. Why and how, we’ll need to watch the next episode to know, but at this slow pace, we’re thinking to skip the next few episodes and tuning back in the end to know what happened and became of the case.

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