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Daasi Episode 5 Review: Sunheri is becoming Aahil’s biggest support

Aliya mistakes Adil's note and thinks its by Aahil

Daasi Episode-6 Review: Sunheri is becoming Aahil's voice

Daasi the drama serial has now become one of our favorite watch because of its engaging content and interesting characters. The best thing about this play is Mawra Hocane and Adeel Hussain’s amazing onscreen chemistry. Ishq Tamasha famed writer Misbah Nousheen has very beautifully penned down an interesting storyline and the portrayal of characters of Sunheri and Aahil are simply amazing.

The episode begins when Aahil’s mother meets Sunheri, she is playing a game now apparently playing the innocent card she tries to gain Sunheri’s sympathies for herself. Aahil’s mother is a true business-minded woman, her mind is always full of schemes and games. She is trying her best to cash Sunheri’s innocence and her kindness. Aahil’s mother tells Sunheri not to tell Aahil about her visit but then she sends his stuff too which makes him clear that she has visited the house.


Aahil is not ready to listen to any of Sunheri’s advice as he clearly tells her that she has been wrongly fed with distorted facts about him, his story is not as simple as it seems. Sunheri gets an inkling that Aahil is a broken person, her heart melts for him. She offers her friendship to him and her unconditional support. Mujtaba sees Sunheri holding Aahil’s hand and dragging him to her house which has made him mad but he does not react on it.


Aaliya is being mad in love kind of a girl, she secretly and madly loves Aahil, she takes a bold step and writes a note and sends it in the tiffin box to which Aahil thinks that it is addressed to Adil as he knows that Adil loves her. Adil writes the reply note. To which Aliya mistakes that for Aahil, she is on the cloud even to get the reply note. While on the other hand, Adil has started daydreaming about Aaliya.


Aahil is struggling hard to start his own life, he has applied for a job and there in the interview, the interviewers recognize him as the son of the owner of Sallahuddin industries and they think that he is not deserving for the seat. Aahil is really disturbed over this failure but then Sunheri suggests him to go after his dream, pursue his passion of music and express his heart and feelings through music, she also offers her unconditional support on which Aahil gets moved and he says that he will give it a try but he cannot ensures that it will work or not. Sunheri encourages him to venture into it.

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