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Daasi Last Episode Review: Trials of Sunheri and Aahil are over on a happy note!

Daasi one of the engaging drama serials running at Hum TV finally comes to its conclusion with its final episode, with lots of hardships and intrigues, the trials of Sunheri and Aahil are finally over on a happy note. Misbah Nousheen and the entire team have come up with a good serial although the story had some loopholes but over all its been a good watch. Mawra Hocane and Adeel Hussain looked great together as an onscreen pair, they showed an amazing onscreen chemistry.

Things are getting resolved when Aaliya confess all her sins in front of Sunheri and starts begging for her forgiveness, having a golden heart Sunheri whole heartily forgives her dear old friend but she is resolute that she is going to leave Aahil soon, as she thinks that Aahil is facing lots of troubles only because of her and also that she thinks herself as a misfit in his life.


Rubab, on the other hand, tries to confront Touqeer when she hears him saying that he was deliberately ruining Rubab just because she had preferred Sallaudin over him. Irma is also present there, Rubab is shocked to see Irma as the part of Touqeer’s plan. Touqeer badly insults Rubab saying that she truly deserves this behavior as she is not a woman with a dignified character even his own son will not accept her. He literally throws Rubab out of her own office. Well here we really want to see Touqeer suffering too he deserves some sort of punishment as well. Irma is blaming her Mamu for using her and playing with her feelings so insensitively. Irma is really broken after knowing what her Mamu did to her, Aahil and Rubab.


Aahil has made up his mind to divorce Sunheri as he does not want to force her into this relationship. He tells her that he is leaving her mother’s house after knowing what she has done to her. Sunheri like a true golden girl tries to convince Aahil not to leave his mother, telling him that her mother truly loves him. Rubab is hearing all this and for the first time, she realizes what a gem Sunheri is. She begs Sunheri not to leave Aahil and she is also filing a case against Shahabuddin.


Aahil also gets to know about how much Sunheri loves him through his old friend tells him that how she has sold her gold bangles for his album’s release. Aahil is pleasantly surprised when his own mother asks him not to leave Sunheri. Aahil and Sunheri are happily united and start living their married life and they are also blessed with a baby boy. Well we all love happy endings and unions but we really wanted to see Tauqeer with a well-deserved punishment.

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