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Deewar e Shab Episode-25 Review: Nagina’s dream of making Sandal a heroine comes true

Sandal signs three films contract of Baali

Deewar e Shab Episode-25 ReviewIn this episode Nagina's dream of making Sandal a heroine comes true - OyeYeah

Deewar e Shab the drama serial based on Aaliya Bukhari’s novel Deewar e Shab is based on the life of a courtesan Sitara Jahan and her struggles. Well, it seems like their life long struggles are about to end as Sandal is offered straight three films as a heroine from none other than the well-known producer of the industry Baali, Nagina’s dream of making Sandal a top heroine is coming true.

The episode begins when Salaar enters his own father’s house where he is warmly welcomed by the servants. Here we get to know that Yousuf Kamal’s sister Zartaaj is Salaar’s stepmother and who is now married to Nabeel a person with loose character. Nabeel is trying his hands on a female maid when Salaar watches this and he slaps Nabeel very hard. Moreover, he orders that only male servants will work in the house and he orders Zartaaj to shift into his new husband’s house as she has been living in this house as his father’s widow.


Islam comes to meet Izhaar to talk about Joya and Maaz’s marriage and Joya is very happy to see him. Well, it seems so weird that Islam is talking about it after her engagement when her wedding date is also fixed. Izhaar spews his venom like what he use to do before and Islam with a broken heart leaves the house. Joya is very sad to see her uncle like that she runs after him and tells him that he does not have to worry about her. He cannot change her luck and she also says that she has compromised with her luck. Islam gives his blessings to his niece.


Sandal is very sad and mad to see Almas getting fame and money, she blames her mother for all her failure and she is insisting her sister Gaitee to have a talk with Nani to let her work with Dildaar Nani and tell her that she will not let them down nor she will ever try to run like Feroza Khala. Gaitee tells her nani that Sandal is very upset these days. Moreover, Dildaar Nani comes back from her Dubai trip and she is showing off, as usual, making Sandal even more envious then a girl comes an announces that famous film producer Baali is here and he wants to meet Sitara Jahan.


The Film Producer Baali offers a contract of straight three films to Sandal as a heroine and gives them 10 lacs cheque. Nagina is not believing that her dream has come true and Sandal is also on cloud 9. The way she is thanking Baali and the way he replies says that maybe they know each other. Well, it is a great breakthrough for Sandal and there are celebrations going on at Sitara Jahan’s place where Almas is now getting mad and envious on Sandal for getting straight three films as heroin that too Baali films.

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