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Dil Mom ka Diya Episodes 13 and 14 Review: Ulfat’s attitude is getting out of hands now!

ARY once again on aired double episodes of undoubtedly one of the finest drama serials in the running “Dil Mom Ka Diya” where Neelam Munir, Yasir Nawaz, Imran Ashraf and Hira Mani have given commendable performances. The play is beautifully penned down by Saira Raza and brilliantly helmed by director Shahid Shahfat who is currently ensuring that his cast delivers amazing performances.

These two episodes revolved around Ulfat’s meanness which has now gotten out of Afzal’s control.

Ulfat is getting more and more vile with every passing day. She visits Kausar’s place and there she gets to know that Afzal has given her sister a handsome amount of dowry. She gets extremely jealous when she sees Kausar’s furniture and jewelry and it burns her that Afzal has paid all this and that too by selling his own house. She is extremely furious so she spews all her venom on Kausar’s mother in law. However, fortunately Kausar’s husband and in laws are extremely reasonable and sensible people, getting to know about Ulfat’s ugly side.

It is very rarely seen in drama serials nowadays that a character is crafted so well that you actually fall in love with the character, characters nowadays are either pitiable or detestable but Afzal’s character is of such a gem that it melts your heart. Afzal has always been reasonable with Kausar but when he realizes that Ulfat has crossed all her limits in front of Kausar’s mother in law, he goes to Kausar’s house at the same night to beg forgiveness. However, Ulfat has not yet realized her own mistake but because of her mean conducts now Afzaal is distancing himself from her.


It is shown that Ulfaat is not taking any interest in household chores and she does not take any care of her children. Particularly the way she is handling her baby daughter is reflecting her self-centered nature. She only thinks of her own self and have zero sympathy for anyone else not even for her parents. She clearly tells Afzal that he cannot tolerate Azar and Akmal but Afzal loves his siblings passionately and like always, he ignores her stupid objections but it does hurt him deeply.

Things get out of hands when Afzal finds his baby daughter injured, bleeding and crying badly as she falls from the bed and Ulfat is watching TV in her usual relaxed manner in another room. This enrages Afzal and he slaps Ulfat. Ulfat leaves home in a rage and she now has intentions of filing an FIR against Afzal for domestic violence.


For now, Neelam Muneer has owned Ulfat’s character completely and has made the detestable character hers. Yasir Nawaz is adorable as Afzal, while Hira Mani as Tamkinat and Imran Ashraf as Azhar continue with their lovable, romantic persona.

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