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Dile Bereham – Episode 11 Review

Farah has crossed all the limits!


What an astounding episode of the drama serial Dil e Bereham. The crew of Dil e Bereham deserves appreciation for bringing such a unique story to us. Since the beginning of the drama, I became a big fan of the Original Sound Track sung by Shuja Hyder not to mention the brilliant acting of Amar Khan and Wahaj Ali. The couple is extremely gorgeous that you can’t get your eyes off them.

The impeccably talented Amar Khan takes her acting skills to another level, while not to forget the story is so powerful that we can’t really get out of its transfixing quality. Starting from person to person the floor includes every character so penetratingly that it gets hard to decide whose character is less important in this tale. I must admit that the entire idea and the creation itself is a masterpiece.

Even though Aiza has been confident and convinced that Tabish loved only her, Farah has kept weakening her love grips on Tabish! Farah has been playing so well to get the attention of her crush Tabish, not to mention her reckless tricks and mean games.

As for Shehryar, Alina has always been an imposed relation by his greedy parents who try to find different ways to extract money from Alina’s father.

Not forgetting, Farah has gone too far this time and sends her parents to Tabish’s office to persuade him to talk to her or meet her. She drugs him to lose his conscience as soon as he arrives at her house.

This episode was not just intense but was intriguing too. The tale is getting clear to us as every knot is slightly opened to dumbfound our wits. We hope that it stays as interesting as it is keeping up so far. The acting of the lead characters is sure making this drama serial an addiction to watch. Can’t wait to see what happens next, till then please share your views about this remarkable episode of Dil e Bereham.

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