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Dile Bereham – Episode 12 Review

We were already anticipating a big climax in this episode and it honestly did not disappoint us! The entire episode revolved around the helplessness of a loyal husband, fighting his way out of a disastrous situation. The story of Dile Bereham is so intense and realistically penned down that it gets hard to deviate from the screen. Since its first episode, Dil e Bereham has kept us addicted with its great manifestation of love and revenge. Undoubtedly a great job was done by Sadia Jabbar Productions!

Tabish has devoted his love to Aiza, which she deserves but his blind trust in Farah is what landed him in trouble in this nail-biting episode. Even with him being trapped in Farah’s house against his will, the odds were terribly against Tabish. Farah did not just keep the unconscious love of her life hostage for the night, but what she did in the morning was beyond our expectations.

With Tabish struggling to get out and find his phone, he managed to cause a racket, after which Farah’s so-called parents, who are in fact her khala and khalu, started banging on the door to know if she was okay. What happened next was NOT what we saw coming. Farah, in her attempt to sound helpless, started shouting as if she was being taken advantage of. With startled eyes and a pounding heart, we watched Tabish being easily trapped in a dreadful situation. As for Farah, hats off to her acting, as she convinces her parents to how bad her night had been.


Amar Khan and Najma Kifayat are nailing their respective roles in Dil e Bereham. The tension between these two characters is depicted and performed so intensely that it touches our hearts. Amar Khan’s expressions showing worry and grief, while desperately looking for her husband truly wins the audience. In a negative role, the beautiful actress Najma Kifayat is gaining all the praises for her beauty and sinful revenge games to snatch away her love.

It was so lovely to see Alina devoting herself as a good bahu (daughter in law). Alina reached out to her father for financial assistance to help Shehryar’s dad. She effectively showed responsibility and care for her in-laws, the motivation for which comes out of love for her husband Shehryar. On the contrary, her elder sister Nazi seemed stubborn and arrogant, making Aiza’s life miserable.

It broke our hearts to watch Aiza as she wept at the very thought that her beloved Tabish could become a victim of such a nasty set-up. Ultimately a conversation between Farah and Aiza took place which turned out to be the most shocking one as Farah finally broke the silence on who she really was. The discovery that Farah is the daughter of the woman rejected by her father left Aiza stunned.

Overall, it was a wonderful episode with deep emotions and dramatic scenes. The way Dil e Bereham takes shocking twists and unpredictable turns keep its audience glued to their seats. The dialogues and the acting is so realistic that it’s hard to believe it’s scripted. If you haven’t watched this drama yet, you better check it out now! Don’t forget to tune in to APlus TV every Tuesday for a dose of Dile Bereham!

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