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Dilruba Epiosde 4 Review: Sanam is so mean and heartless!

Sanam celebrates her fake birthday to get gifts from Junaid.

Dilruba-Epiosde-4-ReviewIn this episode Sanam is so mean and heartless - OyeYeah Drama Reviews

Dilruba a HUM TV drama serial which is a nice take on flirting and its consequences. The protagonist of the play Sanam played by Hania Aamir is nailing this role with her performance well still at times I feel like she has not given her best. Asad Siddiqui, Sheroze Subzwari, Nabeel’s performances are good and particularly Mohib Mirza’s performance is brilliant. The plot is well set by Qaisara Hayat and execution is on point too.

The story has shown great development in this episode with Sanam’s deliberate attempts of playing with hearts, she is literally sparing no boy in her list. She is busy cashing out all the boys as much as she can who are claiming that they have fallen for her. Sanam is making sure that they really fall into her trap. Sanam does not shy out in expressing her fake love and sugar-coated lines in front of all the boys. She very cleverly gets away with excuses when her mother questions her and her stupid sister always supports her.

To be honest, we really feel sorry for Sabhi and Junaid, they literally do not deserve to be fooled like the way Sanam is fooling them. Well Ayaz boy no1 seems a different kind of guy, he sounds dangerous and it seems that Sanam is going to pay a lot for daring to flirt with him. He seems like a guy who used to catch girls for some shady business. It seems that Sanam is going to be in some real trouble.

Junaid is such a cute and simple boy but he is so dumb he is literally showering Sanam with expensive gifts. Sanam and her friends even makes the poor guy celebrate Sanam’s fake birthday. Well, one wonder why are her mother and sister not questioning her that, from where she is getting such expensive gifts? Her sister is beyond being naive and a simpleton she is literally too stupid to realize that her sister is heading on a wrong track, she is still taking her side all the time. Junaid’s father is suspicious about his activities but here his mother is spoiling him.

Sanam very cleverly eliminates the differences between her phuppo and her family, and now she is all excited about Razi’s wedding. Sanam is very cunningly cashing poor Subhi who literally does not deserve to be treated like this way. She very conveniently shops for 35k rupees at Subhi’s expense and in return she is generously pretense her love for him, without even realizing that she is literally playing with his feelings and heart, she is so mean and heartless. Well, Sanam’s sister should really need to take a bold step for her sister’s betterment.

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