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Dilruba Episode-1 Review: Beginning of an interesting story based on a social media queen

The story of the play seems to revolve around flirting and its consequences

Dilruba Episode-1 ReviewIn this episode Beginning of an interesting story based on a social media queen - OyeYeah Drama Reviews

Dilruba the newly started drama serial on HUM TV, seems one interesting Watch of the new season. Starring the bubbly and naughty Hania Aamir in the leading role, the play has four main male leads making the story even more interesting. Having Shehroze Subzwari, Mohib Mirza, Jibran and Nabeel Zubairi in the cast, the play revolves around a social media queen whose good looks and style have blown the minds of all the boys. Penned down by Qaisara Hayat and helmed by Ali Hassan the play seems to be a take on flirting and its disastrous consequences.

The episode begins showing a lower-middle-class house, where there is an ailing bedridden father, a mother busy in looking after him and a sister who is trying to help her mother out by doing household chores but then there is another daughter in the house carefree from all the worries and hardships going around her in the house, she is busy in making a  tiktok video, and getting prepared for a neighborhood Mehndi function.


Sanam is portrayed as a carefree, pretty and extremely flirtatious girl who is playful and flamboyant. It is shown that her father, bother and elder sister trust her and support her all the time despite her mother’s strict attitude, she always finds a way to celebrate and enjoy life. She is fully aware of her good looks and that of her influence on the opposite gender. She tries to cash her influence all the time.


Sanam’s list of lovers seems never-ending, where ever she goes she leaves her mark, be it the cameraman in the Mehndi function who has gone gaga over her looks or the shopkeeper boy who is a keen follower of her on tiktok app. All seems to lost their heart to her but Sanam does not care for anyone, for her its just a sport, a time pass, looking good and playing with hearts and taking advantage of it. The drama seems a satire on our young generation whose favorite sport is flirting on social media. They often seems insensitive and do not realize that how badly this flirting can hurt anyone. As it says flirting is like playing with fire and it do have disastrous consequences.


Besides this social media life, Sanam’s family has relatives who are not having good terms with her family. Sanam’s Phupho and his eldest stepson who is shown as an aged guy with average looks was rejected by Sanam’s mother for her sister because of the age difference and also the guy goes through another rejection by a family just because he is average looking. Well, it is showing the reality of our society which has become so superficial that people only go after looks and money, other qualities are secondary. Sanam’s path across his cousin, who seems to like Sanam but because of his looks and age, he is reluctant to express his likeness for her to his mother, but he suggests Sanam as a perfect match for her brother which her mother clearly refuses.

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