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Dilruba Episode-12 Review: Sanam is getting remarried

Khurram seems a shady character

Dilruba Episode-12 ReviewIn this episode Sanam is getting remarried - OyeYeah Drama Reviews

Dilruba the drama serial running at HUM TV takes a new turn with Syed Jibran’s impressive entry into the play. This episode is again going at a fast pace with so many developments. Hania Aamir has given a brilliant performance, we can clearly see a range of her performance in this play from a bubbly and lively girl transformed into a serious and grieved mother.

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The episode begins when the neighbor boy Asad is pointing a pistol at his own friend. His character is shown in a positive light and is inspirational, how he tries to protect the honor of her neighbor to that extent of going against his own friend. We really need to show more of such positive characters in our plays rather than projecting more vile and hate-able characters. Asad makes sure that Ayaz deletes all Sanam’s pictures.

Sanam gives birth to a baby boy and she asks Sabih to name her child on which Sabih declines her request by saying that he does not consider himself worthy enough to name her child. Sanam’s brother Arsalan asks his mother to find a proposal for Sanam. Well, the hasty manner of Sanam’s family is not making any sense, her child is so young why they are in so much hurry of marrying her off. Erum gets married too before Sanam’s childbirth.

There is an entry of character Khurram in the play, performed by Syed Jibran. He is rich, handsome and an ideal life partner any girl can imagine, and particularly in the case of Sanam, he seems to be the best possible match for her. However the character of Sanam has undergone a transformation, she is not like what was before lively and bubbly, she is now a serious-minded mother who is more concerned about her child’s future. Had she met Khurram before, he would have been her idea,l but now she finds him suspicious.

Well here the character of Sanam seems wiser than her family particularly her mother, she is wondering that how come a wealthy and handsome boy is ready to marry a middle-class girl? Why? Her sixth sense is telling that there is something fishy but her mother and sister are not ready to listen to her, they are very happy to find such a good proposal.

Sabih’s mother shares about Sanam’s proposal with Sabih and this time his mother says that she will herself talk with Sanam. Well, it seems so odd that Sanam’s mother blindly trusting Khurram she is not even ready to do any inquiry about him, this is so foolish of her, she is so blinded by his wealth. Sabih’s mother finally discusses Sabih’s proposal with her and it seems that Sanam is interested in him but then she gets a call from Khurram where he is expressing his happiness and gratitude for accepting his proposal. Is Sanam going to marry Khurram? or will she consider Sabih?

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