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Do Bol Last Episodes Review: The end we all desired to watch

The play ended with Gaiti and Badar's union

do bol

The most popular and much loved drama serial Do Bol whose episodes gained millions of views on YouTube finally came to an end and what an end it was. We all got what we all wanted to see, Gaiti and Badar’s union. Dol Bol turned out to be a huge success for ARY Digital with an exquisite story line beautifully penned down by Sarwat Nazir and brilliant direction by Syed Wajahat Hussain. Hira Mani as Gaiti and Affan Waheed as Badar made one of the most adorable onscreen couples and won so many hearts. 

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In the last episodes as we saw Jamshed trying hard to seed doubts in Badar’s mind for Gaiti. But to no avail. Still he did get pressurized to ask Gaiti for the clarification and showed her the video which Jamshed shared with him. Gaiti is furious on the fact that why even he is asking her to give clarification, she refuses to give him any explanation. Moreover the creepy Sameer goes at Badar’s place and shamelessly asks for Gaiti and despite of Badar’s family telling him that Gaiti is not home he keeps insisting that he wants to meet her till Badar arrives at the situation.


Badar tell him to go away and despite of his family and Jamshed vilifying Gaiti, Badar says that he has blind trust on his wife.  Sameer argues that if he thinks like that then why did he told her that Gaiti had many affairs and  a weak character. Here Badar clarified that he wanted Gaiti for himself. But poor Sameer, he is left there whining once again, why Badar is now married to Gaiti.


Badar goes to Gaiti’s place for clarification but then Sameer reaches there before him and he tries to tell Gaiti what Badar did to him but Gaiti is not ready to listen anything against Badar. She does not believe Sameer is saying but then when Badar arrives at the spot and she asks him about it and is heartbroken to hear the truth.


Munawar also catches Zafar and his mother stealing property papers and they are asked to leave the house. Iqbal asks Badar to sign on divorce papers in front of Gaiti but Gaiti tries to stop him from doing that and faints on the spot. Badar confesses once again all in front of Gaiti in the hospital that whatever he has done is to get her that because he loves her so much that he cannot see her with Sameer. The intensity of the scene was amazing, making us forgive Badar for everything he did to get Gaiti.

The play ends of a happy note, with Gaiti and Badar living happily ever after.

You know sometimes you don’t need a message. Sometimes only a story that hits the right chords is enough and Do Bol was such. A beautiful story that made us fall in love. The drama will surely be missed.

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  • I heard good comments abt yakeen ka safar too but first half of that drama was super slow and so is the pace of this drama fast and what’s unique abt it?

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