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Dobara Episode-21 Review: Mahir is playing his cards very well

Mahir is giving auidience confusing signals

Dobara Episode-21 ReviewDobara Episode-21 Review | OyeYeah Drama Reviews

Dobara the HUM TV drama serial is 21 episodes down. With Bilal Abbas and Hadiqa Kiani’s stellar performances, this show has become of our favorites. In the previous episode, we have seen Mehru is taking a stand for Mahir against her family. In this episode, Mahir is very smartly handling everything office and family matters.

Mehru has clearly told Affan that she is not going to bear any sort of misbehavior with Mahir and she has also instructed him to convey this to his wife as well. Phupho is too cunning and she is not ready to leave the house despite her lame claims that she is going back. Phupho is telling Sahir to demean Mahir in front of Mehru’s eyes.

Mahir and Sahir crossways on the stairs when Mahir himself teases her by saying that ” Beta Kisi nay Baron ko Salam karna nahi sekaya” on which Sahir misbehaves and Mahir cashes this situation in his interest by teasing her more. Affan comes in a furious range ready for a brawl when Mehru intervenes and she once again takes a stand for Mahir and she asks Sahir to apologize to Mahir for her misbehavior. Affan and Sahir feel helpless in this situation.

Affan is joining the office but Mahir as a preamble tells Mehru that he cannot bear this kind of humiliation in the office in front of all his staff. Mehru makes sure this won’t happen but it does happen Affan barges into his father’s room claiming it to be his own room but Mahir has very smartly handled the whole situation even in the eyes of the whole staff Mahir has become a decent fellow whereas Affan is just a hot-headed nincompoop who knows nothing and certainly has no manners and ethics to talk with the staff so the situation of poor Affan is already weak in the office as well.

Mahir is playing his cards so smartly that it is even giving mixed signals to the audience. It is making us wonder at places that Mahir really does care for Mehru. The way he deals with Durdana Appa and particularly the way when he talks with Minahil telling her about her mother’s sacrifices. It is telling us that deep inside Mahir does care about Mehru too and he acknowledges all her sacrifices. Phupho is not getting slow and for Minahil and Affan it is not just a matter of acceptance, monetary interest has been involved in this matter too.

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