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Dobara 2nd Last Episode Review: Mehru notices Mahir’s unwelcoming attitude

We are wondering how low Mahir can stoop?

Dobara 2nd Last Episode ReviewDobara 2nd Last Episode Review | OyeYeah Drama Reviews

Dobara the Hum TV serial has unfortunately not gone where it has started from. Things have turned very ugly and our protagonist Mahir has stooped so low from the level of a hero or even a gentleman. In the previous episode, we have seen him literally cheating on Mehru. In this episode, he continues to cheat on Mehru and starts avoiding her, he does not deserve Mehru at all!

Well since then things and events in the play have taken a very ugly turn, we are wondering how it is going to conclude? These event has turned the whole narrative and the spirit of the story. It started as a progressive story but now what is happening is negating the whole stance the play has built.

Mehru is back from Faisalabad she has gone there to build a hospital in the name of Mahir’s father. Baber calls Mehru but she shuns all his doubts by saying that she fully trusts Mahir but now she is on her guards. The first thing Mehru notices in Mahir is his unwelcoming attitude towards her in fact he is avoiding her. We are wondering how low Mahir can stoop? If he wants to marry Narmeen he should have at least told Mehru about her.

Narmeen certainly does not deserve anything she is as vile as her mother who is eyeing Mehru’s wealth and she is so shameless that she is openly expressing her desires with her daughter. Jahangir Sahab calls Mahir to his place and warns him not to betray Mehru on which Mahir shamelessly admits that he has married Mehru for money but now he cannot live with her anymore as he loves Narmeen. Jahangir Sahab fails to convince Mahir but he has somehow been successful in shaking Mahir’s mother’s conscience about her convincing Mahir to marry Narmeen.

Mahir’s mother is regretting why she has gone so much against Mehru and convinces Mahir to marry Narmeen. Now, will this remorse of Mahir’s mother will change Mahir’s view. Mahir has been such a disappointment that we do not feel Mahir’s reconciliation with Mehru, he does not deserve Mehru at all! The dolkhi scene where the girls are passing remarks about Mehru, age shaming her is so tasteless and ugly plus the scene is so badly executed. Well, let’s see how these ugly reversals of events will be resolved in the last episode. Highly disappointed!

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