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Ehd e Wafa Last Episode Review: The fascinating journey of Ehd e Wafa continues!

Ehad e Wafa, the nation’s favorite drama series has finally ended, but this fascinating journey of Ehad e Wafa aimed at the promise made with the motherland continues.  Drama serial that carried the patriotic spirit, was all about the promise that we make as a nation, and about the sense of duty. As being an ISPR production, it amazingly showed that the sense of duty towards the country is not limited only to Army officers, however, every citizen is a soldier guarding the motherland and keeping his Ehad e Wafa. Kudos to the entire team for this wonderful project, Mustafa Afridi has beautifully penned down the script denoting the four protagonists as four pillars of Pakistan standing tall, while protecting it.

The grand finale takes one on to an emotional roller coaster, where Captain Saad is present at the line of control Azad Kashmir protecting his post from Indian aggression. Humayyun Saeed’s guest appearance is a very pleasant addition, a treat to watch with reference to the famous “Tea is Fantastic” and Abhinandhan’s capturing tale. The episode gives a loud and clear message not only to our Nation but across the borders too, it is like showing them the mirror. Humayun Saeed’s dialogues were the questions every Pakistani want to ask from the Indian army that why they exert so much brutality and aggression on innocent civilians?

The four friends are representing the four sectors of the Establishment of Pakistan, Armed Forces, Bureaucracy, Politics and for the very first time, Media has also been included as its fourth pillar. It is giving us message that unitedly we can do wonders and dividedly we are nothing. Be it Kashmir issue or any other national cause, these four sectors requires to work together as a team and should fight on their respective fronts together for the national cause. For instance, Kashmir’s issue cannot be solved alone at the battlefield for that we really need strong diplomacy, media, and nation’s support so each one of us is a soldier and each one has to fulfill our Ehad e Wafa which we have made with our motherland.

For the very first time, no shahadat of a protagonist is shown in an ISPR production, but it has very beautifully portrayed, the Jazba e Shahadat Captain Saad has in his heart and also he has shown it well through his bravery and gallantry. The play also portrays Pakistan Army’s Code of ethics with their enemies. There are clear instructions that no aggression or brutality will be shown to unarmed enemy soldiers, not even verbal or emotional abuse is allowed. This is us our Army which is our absolute pride.


The play also brilliantly portrays the realistic picture of traumas through which the families of Army officers and soldiers go through. Our Mothers sacrifice their best sons and yet we so conveniently criticize them without even realizing that they have sacrificed themselves for our secured future. It has given us all an inkling that the pain these army officer and Jawan’s families go through when they embrace Shahadats or when they get critically injured. It is so painful to see some people expressing ingratitude and how they even stoops so low to criticize or ridicule the sacrifices Pakistan Army makes.

Apart from patriotism, the play also celebrates the beauty of friendship. No matter what thick and thin the relationship go through, true friends always remain at one’s side. They never abandon each other. Similarly, like these four friends, as the drama portrayed, the four pillars of state are not separable and they always need each other’s support all the time.

Indeed Ehd e Wafa has been a wonderful play! it will be missed, and our Sunday evenings will never be the same.

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