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Game of Thrones: Is Dany the Sad Queen turning into A Mad Queen?

Warning for spoilers has already been given, those who still proceed will get ‘Dracarys‘.

Game of Thrones season 8 has been a mix of highs and lows, and for those who have followed the show with more than just random fan enthusiasm are able to notice the itsy bitsy details and references from previous seasons. Count your writer amongst one of those.

So somewhere between season 6 and 7, Daenerys Targaryen’s narrative of ‘breaker of chains’, ‘riddance from tyrants’ and ‘mazloomo ka saathi’ kind of changed and we repeatedly heard her chanting her right to the Iron Throne, her motto of life being the Iron Throne and her absolute teeth grunting fashion of whenever someone remotely disagreed with her idea of sitting on the throne.


It seemed as if her character had transitioned from the naive young girl to a full-blown, aware of her awesome powers Queen who would utilize all her powers to make it to the throne so that she can get rid of tyrants, or so we thought?

Now while we were all up for Queen Dany – I mean who wants Cersei with her hate mongering devilish smile – we kind of felt Dany’s ‘desire’ overpowering all the other same ideas she had in her life. But it was okay, it was alright till the last episode.


Since you are reading up till here, I would assume you have seen episode 4 of season 8 and saw how fate badly toppled for Dany who lost her dragon Rheagal and her aide Missandei to the hands of Cersei. In otherwise situations (in accordance with previous seasons), we would have sobbed with Dany and vowed to never stop rooting for her.

But wait…

Where’s the sobbing, grieved and emotional Dany that always melted our hearts? Instead, we saw as teeth grunting, fuming and absolutely scary Daenerys, who turned around after Missandei’s body fell off from the walls of Kings Landing.


Now we have long ago heard Dany afraid of becoming like her father the Mad King, we have also known how Jorah and other faithful friends reminded Dany how she was different from Aegar Targaryen. But after the latest episode, we are left wondering, will she actually be different?

Considering Dany’s changed narrative and anger as she finds out Jon’s reality, with the urge to somehow make the truth vanish, we can’t help but see Daenerys grown obsession with the throne. This coupled with Vaerys and Tyrion’s discussion on Dany’s capabilities as a ruler as well as Dany’s refusal of Vaerys’ advice to ensure the safety of people in the King’s Landing has really left us skeptical.

So is it safe to assume that Dany from a sad queen who sobbed the death of her husband Khal Drogo, her companion Jorah and her family has now become the Mad Queen who will avenge her friend’s death? After all, it’s Game of Thrones and you never know who becomes what in the quest of getting to the Iron Throne.


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