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Habs Episode-10 Review: Differences arise in Basit and Ayesha’s relationship

Basit and Ayesha look so good together that despite all their differences

Habs Episode-10 ReviewHabs Episode-10 Review | OyeYeah Drama Reviews

Habs the drama serial airing at Ary Digital is one of our most favorite Prime Time Watch. Aesthetically appealing execution credit goes to its director Musaddiq Malik. Its OST is also pleasing to the ears. Performances are simply flawless, it is Ushna Shah’s best and measured performance which is winning our hearts. In the previous episode, we have seen Basit and Ayesha getting married simply in a Nikkah ceremony. In this episode we see differences arising in Basit and Ayesha’s relationship.

Ayesha spends the whole night waiting for Basit then we hear a knock at the door, Ayesha gets alert expecting it to be Basit but no it is the house help coming to take Basit’s medicine. Basit finally shows up in the middle of the night when poor Ayesha falls asleep.

Ayesha is expecting something romantic from Basit but no he remains cold he just thanked Ayesha for giving him the favor and he then leaves the room. Ayesha has realized that he married her not out of love but just as a need to fulfill his father’s will. Ayesha is hurt. On the other side, Ayesha’s mother is all set to buy the house but her secret is revealed to Bano who is shocked to see her mother stooping so low. It is like selling off Ayesha.

Basit as a hero is so disappointing, he is flawed and problematic. His mistrust of womenfolk is making sense but his avoiding Ayesha and treating her like a guest is not something nice. They both spent their wedding night in different rooms. By now Ayesha has fully realized that she has no value in Basit’s life. Basit goes to his office the very next day and his marriage to Ayesha news is already speculated in the office. To all their surprise, Ayesha too makes her entry into the office.

Habs is so well written, the writer has so beautifully crafted Ayesha’s character. She knows that she has to look after her family and for that, she needs to continue this job. Basit is not happy with Ayesha continuing this job he quite nicely stops her but Ayesha is in no mood to listen. Eventually, Basit is left with no choice but to terminate her. Ayesha leaves the office in a furious mood and goes to her mother’s house. She is worried about how she is going to support her family and on the other hand she is mad at Basit. Will Basit come out with a solution for this issue as he is early promising Ayesha to come up with a better idea? Basit and Ayesha look so good together that despite all their differences and we are still rooting for them.

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