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Habs Episode-23 Review: Ayesha and Basit’s relationship is marred with more differences

Soha is back into the scene

ARY Digital drama serial Habs is 23 Episodes down. This episode in particular is a bit underwhelming as we see less of Basit and Ayesha’s scene and we see more of Zoya and Amir’s track in which I have no interest. In the previous episode, we have seen that Basit’s heart inclines toward Ayesha. In this episode, it is shown that Ayesha and Basit’s relationship is marred with more differences.

Ayesha goes to meet Basit he hands her a file of papers Ayesha mistakes those papers for divorce and gets panicked. Basit tells her that it is not divorce papers in fact it is her property papers, he has named an apartment for her. Ayesha again misunderstands the whole situation she thinks that he is giving her a flat as a sort of alimony as he has planned to divorce her. She leaves the house heartbroken.

On her way back Soha makes her entry into the scene. She meets Basit so frankly as if she is his childhood friend when in reality they just have been engaged for a shorter period of time. The way Soha casually sits on his sofa looks so unreal and to be honest, we find it quite annoying. Basit seems quite cordial with her but his heart is with Ayesha.

We are certainly not interested in Zoya and Amir’s track although we really enjoyed that super trending Ketchup scene in this episode in particular we see more of Zoya and less of Ayesha. Zoya is shown as a mean girl, her character is not nice. Once a thief is always a thief. Yes like the way she stole her mother’s money. this time she has stolen money from her mother-in-law’s safe. The annoying part is that she gets away with that stealing too.

There are no scenes of Ayesha and Basit together and more focus on other tracks. The differences between Ayesha and Basit are increasing and it seems that Soha’s entry into the scene will further make things worse. It’s a possibility that Ayesha will doubt Soha and Basit’s friendship. Well, we are still wondering how come Zoya gets away from that stealing where she has hidden all the money. We want her to get punished for her acts. We want to see more of Basit and Ayesha’s scenes in the next episode. We are desperately rooting for Ayesha and Basit’s reunion

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