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Habs Episode-24 Review: Dim hopes for Ayesha and Basit ‘s patch up

Fahad is getting married not with Bano

ARY Digital drama serial, Habs, is going well but it has turned quite depressing with Ayesha and Basit’s differences. Performances are super brilliant, especially of Ushna Shah. In the previous episode, we have seen more differences marred between Ayesha and Basit. In this episode, it is shown that these differences are not declining there are dim hopes for their patch-up.

Ayesha’s mother never ceases to surprise us with her acts, she is now eyeing Yawar’s wealth and she has made up her mind to marry off Ayesha to him as she has sensed that chances are very thin of her patch-up with Basit. The rishta woman arrives at their house and she is so sweetly talking with Ayesha that she already sensed something fishy. Her mother is not even realizing the fact that she still is not divorced.

Ayesha feels too disgusted when she gets to know her mother’s intentions towards her to marry Yawar despite knowing the fact that she is still married to Basit. She clearly tells her mother that she has no such plans, she cannot even think of marrying again. If Basit will leave her she will never marry again. Ayesha’s mother is eyeing Yawar’s wealth as his sister has promised her to get this house or even a bigger one. By the way, it is not believable at all who gives houses?

Soha is getting too close to Basit. He is just his fiance for a short period of time they had never been friends but now she behaves as if she is his childhood friend. Well, one of the most heartbreaking news is that Fahad is getting married but not to Bano! Why? Bano is shown to be such a nice girl she deserves a good man in her life like Fahad we are so rooting for Bano and Fahad.

Fahad goes and invites Basit and he has to invite Soha as well because she was present there at the time when he is giving the card. Basit asks Fahad to invite Ayesha himself, Fahad has sensed the tension between the couple there. Soha is getting too close to Basit and she calls her and offers to pick her up at the wedding why? He should have asked Ayesha! He does call her but her evil mother declines her call creating more misunderstandings between the couple.

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