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Habs Episode-31 Review: Ayesha is making no sense!

Soha has told Ayesha to keep a distance from Basit and leave her house

ARY Digital’s drama serial Habs is now making no sense, the story is not like how it used to be in the beginning. While the performances are all on spot, its the story has turned out to be absurd making no sense at all. In the previous episode we have watched that Ayesha has gone missing from her house. One wonders where she has gone? In this episode it is shown that Ayesha went into hiding with Soha’s help, in fact, Ayesha escapes on her advice! how stupid!

Basit’s world has turned upside down when he hears about Ayesha’s escape. He has gone to all the hospitals and even reports in Police on her missing. The scene where he goes in a morgue for the identification of the dead body, it would have given us goosebumps have we not seen such kind of scene several times on the screen. There is no newness in this scene. Feroze Khan’s performance is simply outstanding in that scene.

Well to our surprise Ayesha is living in some hostel and guess what it is Soha who has adviced her to create a distance from Basit and her own family. She is paying for Ayesha’s room bills. Not for a single moment Ayesha has thought why she is trusting Soha so blindly when jealousy and arrogance is what is written all over her face. This makes the whole plot of Habs stupid and senseless.

The big question still arises that why Soha has shown to be that vile? She is beautiful. she is independent, progressive, educated and she don’t even love Basit then all of sudden her vile actions are not making any sense of her? She is so heartless and vile that Basit is crying for Ayesha in front of her and still she is playing double game with him, she is trying hard to create differences between Ayesha and Basit.

Basit calls his best friend Fahad for help, never he realizes that he is the only one outside the family who knows about his deal with Ayesha’s mother. Why Basit has not questioned Fahad? and why no bell rings in Fahad’s mind that he has just shared this secret of Basit with Soha so she might be the one who has told Ayesha about that deal. Zoya has undergone with a change of heart. Bano lands a new job where she is also offered accommodation that is great to get such a job in a city like Karachi! Bano’s new boss the way he is looking at her giving us some creepy vibes. Overall an annoying episode!

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