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Hum Kahan Kay Sachay Thay Ep-17 Review: Mehreen proves of being a huge disappointment

Hum Kahan kay Sachay Thay the Weekend Prime Time Watch airing at Hum TV is turning out to be a disturbing serial. The story is dragging too much, while the toxicity is too much to handle. In the previous episode, we have seen Aswaad being toxic with Mehreen making her life hell and in this episode, he continues torturing Mehreen. On the other hand,  Mehreen herself also turns out to be a huge disappointment for the audience.

Aswaad after getting a tight slap from Shagufta takes out all his frustration on Mehreen blaming her for Mashal’s parent’s miseries. Well, Mehreen’s silence is now disturbing us as an audience why she is quietly bearing whatever Aswaad accuses her of why doesn’t she speak up for herself telling him whatever happened that night.

Aswaad’s mother takes Mehreen out for a shopping and on their way back home they stopped at a restaurant for lunch well the world is too small at that very restaurant Mehreen meets Safwaan and her friend and also she sees Aswaad sitting on a table with a girl. Well one wonders who is that girl is Aswaad cheating on Mehreen? Aswaad’s mother should have reacted more strongly on this matter with Aswaad but she said nothing much.

Aswaad is stooping too low, he misbehaves with Rabia stopping her to come to their house. Moreover he starts emotionally and mentally abusing Mehreen by telling her that she has gone to meet her boyfriend Safwaan and blah blah. Shagufta and Tahir have an argument where Tahir confesses that nobody killed their daughter, he fears for his afterlife that is why he has taken back the case. We have seen Shagufta threatening Shabo to keep her mouth shut. Shagufta is the real villain of the story she knows Mehreen is innocent still she wants her to die.

Aswaad’s torture level is getting out of hand. The shopping Mehreen did, Aswaad gives all of that to the house help. Aswaad is now telling Mehreen to sign on affidavit papers where she admits that she has committed that crime and that she is ashamed of it and wants to seek forgiveness from Allah and from the kin of the deceased. Mehreen initially declines to sign the papers saying that she has not committed that sin but then Aswaad is pressurizing her. It is so depressing to see our heroine turning to be such a disappointment she says that she is signing the papers just for him. What a loser Mehreen Mansoor is! our sympathies are no more with such an idiot character!

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