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Inkaar 2nd Episode Review: Shayan is not the one to back out

Another episode of Inkaar went on air yesterday and we’re here wondering why is Hajra snubbing all sorts of advances by Shayan? Is she already involved with someone or is there something else altogether. However, what needs to be understood is the fact that Shayan is not ready to take Hajra’s no. He’s insistent to the point of stalking her where she works and we’re wondering whether or not this should be considered as a form of harassment or not. Veteran writer Zafar Mairaj must have a twist up his sleeve with Inkaar, because simple stories that have deeper meanings have been his forte forever.

Inkaar Episode 1 Review: Will Shayan takes Hajra’s refusal?

The episode begins when Hajra comes to know that Shahyan has followed her to her workplace and feels harassed by his presence. Although we’re touched by the way Shahyan is trying to woo her because he’s being a thorough gentleman, but perhaps Hajra is well justified in her stance of not giving him the green signal.


It also seems like Hajra’s heart is already occupied by someone, someone by the name of Chaudhry as we heard her saying the name when she is discussing Shayan with her friend on a call. Also it appears that Hajra has gone through a bitter experience, a heartbreak so she is not ready to accept Shayan despite of all his cute and heart melting attempts.


Although she feels uneasy with Shayan’s presence, Hajra cannot quit her job. Her mother taunts him about Shayan being there but then again Hajra cannot do anything about it at all.


However, things haven’t really gone down well with Hajra as her father has fixed her marriage with Shayan. He tries to rescue her from being harassed and ends up being beaten by her brother. Hajra, although miffed, tells her father she has nothing to do with the entire thing at all. However, he has now arranged for the wedding to take place. How will Hajra react to this now?

We’re still waiting for Imran Ashraf’s character to be shown. However, Sami Khan as the insistent Shayan is impressive and so is Yumna Zaidi as Hajra. We’re looking forward for the story to build up now so that we can get a better look into things and how they’ll progress in the future.

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