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Inkaar Last Episode Review: A brilliant drama brings off an unsatisfactory ending!

Okay, so what started off as a brilliant journey, came to on an end on a disappointing note! We really did not understand Zafar Mairaj, the writer’s, motive behind the ending, but it did leave us a bit unsatisfied. However, despite everything, Inkaar had been an amazing drama, fast paced and absolutely perfect since the very first episode.

Before we go on into the naration of what happened in the last episode, we have to say, the play brought some brilliant performances. Where we thought it was impossible to hate Imran Ashraf after seeing him portray the endearing Bhola, the versatile actor proved us wrong. We absolutely hated Rehan Chaudhry for the vile human being he was. Sami Khan was a rock throughout the play delivering solid performance and highlighting Shayan where it was needed. Yumna Zaidi is a brilliant actress and perhaps her versatility was at full showcase here in Inkaar. The supporting cast was amazing as well, all thanks to director Kashif Nisar, who did not leave any loopholes with Inkaar.


So Hajra’s lawyer brought out his trump card in the last episode. Where everybody had lost hope for Hajra, winning the case and the court pronouncing Rehan guilty, Hajra’s lawyer produces the original CCTV video in the court where it is clearly seen that Rehan enters in the salon with his companion holding the owner at gunpoint. It is also seen that Rehan returns to the main hall with blood stains all over his shirt.

The judge snubs the witnesses particularly the owner of the salon for lying, who admits and confirms Rehan being the man who stabbed Hajra with scissors that night. She states how she was being threatened for her life as well.


Well who provides the lawyer with the original CCTV is none other than Shayan’s father and it brings an interesting turn in the play as he not just helps Hajra out in this case but now he whole heartily accepts Hajra as his daughter in law. All seems well and through Shayan’s father we have come to know that Hajra has pardoned Rehan and it seems that she has done that on request of Rehan’s mother who calls her after the verdict.


The play ends well but Hajra’s decision was debatable. What do you think? Did she do the right thing to forgive Rehan? Do you think criminals like Rehan needs to be severely penalized for what they have done as people like him are an open threat to society!? Would being pardoned serve any good? Will people learn their lesson about being the bigger person? We absolutely do not think so!

Let us know your views about Inkaar’s last episode in the comments below.

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