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Ishq Tamasha Episode 6 Review: The Mounting Misunderstandings!

Rushna has misunderstood Mehraab for Arham!


We keep tuning into Ishq Tamasha every week, because this is one play that appeals to us because of its beautifully simple story. Its nothing over the top but a story that keeps you engrossed in all its ups and downs, making you forget what goes around you, for the time being.

Danish Nawaz is a brilliant director. He has a special knack for bringing out emotions from his actors and perhaps that is one of the reasons why we have begun to hate Saba Faisal’s character (Chachi Jan) so convincingly. We’ve loved Saba Faisal in everything she does but Chachi Jan has to her best, she does negative so good, you find it convincing entirely.


Misbah Nousheen’s story is highly engaging. It reminds you of those vivid afsanas that you could read in novels back when television dramas were not the hype. The romance is subtle, the emotions under control. Its like the calm before a storm, because we do know that a storm is brewing.

With so much confusion in tow, Rushna has now mistaken Mehrab as Arham and asked him to send over a proposal. After convincing their aunt for the proposal, Arham and Mehraab agree to visit Rushna’s place. However, Mehraab has a last minute emergency and excuses himself.

On the other hand, Chachi Jan has sent away Mirha out so that she is not present when Arham and his family come over. She was reluctant to accept the proposal at first but upon learning about their status, Chachi Jan too has given her consent for Arham.

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Rushna is upset because of Mirha’s absence but her happiness is contagious and she puts in all her efforts to get ready. However, things might not turn out exactly as they want because Arham is not Mehraab, who Rushna thinks he is. Confusion is mounting. How will Arham react to Rushna’s bewilderment when she learns he is Arham and Mehraab happens to be the elder brother.


We’re eagerly waiting for the next week’s episode, because this beautiful tale of love and relationships has really stolen our heart. Its light and just the right bit of engaging, exactly what you need for a Sunday night.

Junaid Khan continues to be our favorite from the show. The way this elder brother puts his dreams aside for the love of the younger brother is absolutely fantastic. The momentary disappointment that appeared on Junaid’s face and how he masks it was a wonderful scene in the last episode.


Faizan Khawaja is growing with each episode and we’re liking his character more too. Kinza Hashmi is a breath of fresh air and Aiman Khan is as gorgeous as ever. A stunning cast, powerful performances and a story that’s highly engaging, Ishq Tamasha is a drama you don’t want to miss.


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