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Kaala Doriya 2nd Last Episode Review: Mahnoor wants Asfi to become ‘Ghar Damaad’

This epsiode is all about breaking taboos

HUM TV drama serial Kaala Doriya is about to end, this episode was the second last and we are already missing this beautiful light heart comedy and all the characters. Samia Akram Chaudry’s prowess is that she pens light heart comedies but they also highlight important social issues. After watching the previous episode, we have been wondering what might be Mahnoor’s condition. In this episode Mahnoor shares in front of all that she wants Asfi to come and live with her in her house after marriage.

Mahnoor after her father’s discharge from the hospital, while sitting in front of everyone states the reason why she is reluctant to marry Asfi. Mahnoor, in a very wise manner, tells everyone that she should not be taken wrong. All she wants is to take good care of her parents and she cannot leave them. If Asfi wants to marry her he has to leave his house and have to live with her parents.

This condition has shocked everyone but it is the mastery of Saima Akram Chaudry for breaking a taboo in such a beautiful way. Mahnoor is right how can she leave her ailing father like that? She has to take care of her parents it is her duty. Faraz and Nida instantly support this idea and so is Bitto Appa. Baray Abba also appreciates Mahnoor and Bari Amma already knows about Mahnoor’s condition. They all are supporting this idea except Asfi!

The label of “Ghar Damaad” is what disturbs him he is not ready to think beyond that how will he leave his comfort zone for Mahnoor? It is Faraz and Nida who actually put some sense in his head that there is no harm in living with Mahnoor’s family as Shajji Taya really needs a son to look after him as he got health issues too. To our surprise, it is so heartwarming to see Munna caring for his brother and telling his son to consider it!

In contrast, Tano’s reaction is hilarious when she snubs her own daughter for insisting Asfi to become a ghar Jawahi. She says ” Sanu koi lor nahi ay assi apni kahayal api rak laain gay Asfi koi cardiologist ay” Her lines are simply hilarious we will surely going to miss this serial I wish there is a season of this serial too. Well, the most endearing part is that eventually Saleeqa also agrees with Asfi by saying never come back to me weeping that Tayee Amma said this or that. Loving the show!

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