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Kaisi Teri Khudgharzi Ep-23 and 24 Review: Nawab Dilawar officially disowns Shamsher

Kaisi Teri Khudgharzi Ep-23 and 24 Review – Ary Digital drama serial Kaisi Teri Khudgharzi aired its double episode this week. The story has not moved much in these episodes but there are definitely certain developments. Performances are all on point. Last week we have seen that Shamsher is now being glorified as a hero by the makers of the play. In these episodes, it is shown that Nawab Dilawar officially disowns Shamsher.

Shamsher accompanies Mahek to the police station where Mahek goes to report an FIR against Nawab Dilawar. Police Inspector initially being very cordial and nice to them when he sees Shamsher but when Mahek asks him to report an FIR against Nawab Dilawat he loses his cool and straight away he declines to entertain them any further. He is so loyal to Nawab Sahab that he even reports him by calling him and telling him about Shamsher and Mahek’s intentions.

Nawab Dilawar is so furious on hearing that Shamsher wants to make a case against him that he immediately calls his lawyers at his place and orders him to officially disowns his son Shamsher. Not just Nawab Dilawar publishes this news in almost all leading newspapers. Mahek reads that news in the newspaper but there is no clue whether Shamsher has read that news or not he is preparing for a job interview.

Well, the guy who is the owner of the company coincidentally is the same guy who is wronged by Nawab Dilawar. He has brought that guy on street. However, he is given such a golden chance that Shamsher, Dilawar’s son has applied to his company. He could have used his son against Malik Dilawar and he can take his revenge if he had some brain but no he simply insulted Shamsher by putting all his frustration on him. Shamsher has lost his opportunity, he is facing hard times.

Mahek asks Shamsher for letting her do a job. Surprisingly Shamsher does not resist and allows her to find some work. Well, it seems that Mahek’s bit melting towards Shamsher, she is feeling sorry for him to leave all his luxuries for her. Baba Sahab in his fancies thinks that Mahek is eventually going to leave Shamsher when she will hear about his disowning him and then they will eventually be separated. Well, little Baba Sahab knows about Mahek. Nawab Dilawar is resolute in his intentions even though his wife cannot convince him. The ending scene is when Nawab Dilawar sees his wife fainted in his room. Wondering if she fainted or has she passed away? Well no matter how many hardships Shamsher suffers he cannot be fully redeemed of his sins. Makers of the play better not try to glorify him as a hero!

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