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Kashf Episode-7 Review: As expected, Kashf’s father refuses Wajdaan’s proposal

Kashf the drama serial running at HUM TV is one fine play brilliantly executed and very well written, revolving around a very sensitive theme of spirituality. The writer Imran Nazeer has very artfully depicted the corruption in the clergy and so-called spiritual peers making it merely a business. One of the good thing about the execution is that Kashf and her sisters and their house truly reflects their economic condition. Particularly Kashf and her sisters and mother’s wardrobe and then comparatively Shumaila’s and her mother’s dress clearly depict the difference in their status, it is good to see that director is taking care of these finer aspects and for that Danish Nawaz’s efforts are commendable.

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The episode begins when Wajdaan’s mother for the very first time realizes that she has wronged Wajdaan and Kashf and she accepts that her bitterness has hurt Kashf the most. She comes to meet her at their house and for the very first time she has nicely talked with her and gives her some money too. Though not like Kashf’s dream she has shown any signs of reverence to her but she has surely changed her heart for her. Then Shumaila by trick calls Kashf so that she can meet Wajdaan but that cunning Shumaila tells about the meeting to his father and make him insult her.


Wajdaan’s parents once again bring Kashf’s proposal but Kashf’s greedy and heartless father who has already set her price in a deal with Matiuallah clearly refuses them by saying that they have already faced so much insult by them. Kashf’s Taya knowing well about his brother’s greed even offers him a hefty amount of Haq Mehar but he clearly refuses to accept it by saying that it is not enough.


Wajdaan is really broken to know about this refusal. Well, when Wajdaan’s mother tells him that it is Kashf’s father who had set Kashf’s phupho’s price too in the past and he has literally made situations for her divorce so that he can get the money. Well, one thing which hits the mind is that why Wajdaan’s father being Kashf’s father’s elder brother and more financially stable has let his sister suffer so badly? and why he never intervened to help her? and when Kashf’s father threatens her that he will throw her out of the house, why can’t she leave his house and start living with her elder brother?


Wajdaan tells Kashf to elope with him. leaving her greedy father behind and Kashf’s sister to convince her to take this step but the vile Shumaila locks the door so that kashf could not go. Poor Wajdaan waits for Kashf the whole night in the rain. He is truly shattered. On the other hand, Phupho lost her job when Matiuallah threatens her in the public well he is clearly being so creepy and school’s administration instead of supporting their employee in a harassment issue asks her for the resignation!

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