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Kashf Episode-8 Review: As expected, Kashf has become a Peerni

Kashf the drama serial is one of the well-made serials in the running at Hum TV. It has brilliantly handled such a sensitive issue and perfect depiction of corruption going in the name of spiritual guidance is making it a fine serial. Execution and performances are on point. Hira Mani has nailed her character, Junaid Khan’s performance is also quite impressive in fact we can say that it is his best performance so far.

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The episode begins when Wahaaj is heartbroken, he waited for Kashf for the whole night and she did not come and the way he comes back in a defeated manner is just melting our hearts. Shumaila comes to know that why Kashf has done that to her brother. Kashf has not uttered a single word but her sister Erum tells Shumaila the actual reason, how she desperately wanted to join Wahaaj but her own sister has plotted against her.


One of the disturbing elements in the play beside other issues is this sister rivalry, I mean how can a real sister be so vile? Wahaaj is literally ignoring her but she is still after him being so cheap. It is obvious that since Kashf’s father is never going to agree for Kashf’s marriage so ultimately Wahaaj’s mother and his family is going to pressurize him to marry Kashf’s youngest sister as she is trying to invest more in leveling up her relationship with Wahaaj’s mother.


Another disturbing factor is the helplessness of the women, Kashf’s mother and phupho fail to save Kashf from her father’s greed. They have not tried to start up on their own? Why not Ashi discusses her problems with her elder brother? Why not she seeks his help? Ashi is fired but why she is not looking for another job? Why not they have at least tried to live on their own and break this shackle of so-called relationship with that misogynist father who value money more than anything and who is a habitual gambler whatever Kashf is going to earn he is eventually going to waste like that.


The important issue which the play is highlighting is the corruption in the clergy sector. People are being fooled in the name of spiritual guidance. How Kashf is being snubbed for preaching the people who come for spiritual guidance, he shamelessly calls his whole setup a business and he clearly tells that if she preaches the public to offer prayers and when they themselves have a direct connection with Allah then why they will come for her? Kashf’s father has also very rudely snubbed her daughter for not earning a single penny. Kashf seeks Allah’s help to guide her the best and make her fulfill the needs of her family.

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