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Khuda Aur Mohabbat Ep-10 Review: Farhad’s spirit and love falters in the latest episode

, Feroze Khan stole the show with his expressions and heartfelt dialogues.

Khuda Aur Mohabbat Ep-10 ReviewKhuda Aur Mohabbat Ep-10 Review - OyeYeah Drama Reviews

The latest episode begins with Farhad getting discharged from the hospital. The doctor tells him to be punctual with his medications and Dilawar takes full responsibility for his recovery. Back at the mansion, Taimoor comes to pay a visit to Mahi’s family. Upon seeing him, Mahi is thankful that she’s going to get married to an educated guy like Taimoor instead of a middle-aged landlord.

Taimoor tells Kazim Shah that he is more interested in information technology and business rather than being a landlord and bureaucrat. Kazim Shah appreciates Taimoor’s honesty and his ability to say what he feels without any hesitation. He says I want to make use of my education and move outside the country. Mahi’s mother tells Taimoor that Mahi also wants to complete her education abroad.

When it’s time for Taimoor to leave, Mahi’s sister-in-law gives him Mahi’s phone number while Mahi comes to take one last look at him on the terrace before Taimoor leaves. Right then, Farhad returns from the hospital and watches an elated Mahi at the rooftop, looking at Taimoor. He understands the whole situation and his heart sinks. Mahi catches his glimpse too and is bewildered at Farhad’s current state. She doesn’t want to think about him but Farhad keeps coming in front of her which distresses Mahi.

Farhad and mahi

A disheartened Farhad asks Dilawar why they write stories about princesses falling in love with paupers to which he says those are fairytales for kids. In the real world, princesses only get married to princes. Later that night, Farhad tells Dilawar he wants to get his palm read. He says our heart is our biggest enemy. It takes our souls away when the heart comes down to animosity. Farhad says beggars like him only have dirt in their fate. Dilawar tells him he sees him as a prince who has lost his kingdom somewhere.

Mahi’s mother tells her Taimoor is coming to get married to her in three weeks. She tells her mother she is happy with the union but in her heart, she cannot stop thinking about Farhad. Back in Multan, Taimoor is extremely happy when his mother tells him the date of his marriage.

Mahi makes one last attempt to send Farhad away but sending Fakeera to talk to him. She agrees and goes to see Farhad in the driver’s quarters. She tells him she thinks of Farhad as her son who fell prey to the ways and system of landlords. She tells him to save himself and leave because Mahi has agreed to marry the guy her parents have chosen for her. Farhad says he wants Mahi to say this to him herself. Dilawar overhears the entire conversation.


Talking about performances, Feroze Khan stole the show with his expressions and heartfelt dialogues. There’s much sadness in store for Farhad in the upcoming episodes when preparations for Mahi’s wedding will begin at the mansion.

To find out what happens, watch this space for more. Khuda Aur Mohabbat airs on Fridays at 8 pm on Geo TV.

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