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Koi Chand Rakh Episode 10 Review: There’s more trouble than it appears!

Nishal has played her cards well and has succeeded


And so, we had another episode of our favorite drama Koi Chand Rakh, an engaging tale of obsession and persistence. We have to give it to writer Maha Malik for penning down a rather different tale, one that has held our interest since day one. And of course direction by Siraj Ul Haq has ensured each other gives their hundred percent to the drama. Even though we missed seeing more of Muneeb Butt this week, Ayeza Khan, Imran Abbas and Areeba Habib made up for his absence really well.

Zain, tell Rabail how he prefers modern girls who know how to flirt and have fun. Rabail, is simple and very sober. She, perhaps, doesn’t understand what Zain means. And Zain on the other hand has been engulfed in a vision he held in his mind of Nishal, which Rabail can never be. He leaves her all alone on her wedding night, only to be reprimanded by his dad to be nice to her.


Nishal, on the other hand, is playing her cards well. She is not leaving Zain and just to make him jealous she is using Zain’s friend Zia. She tries to get close to him and Zia too appreciating her advances is making Zain mad. Zain is left with no other option but to confess his love for Nishaal and that he has zero interest in Rabail. Zain literally pleads Nishal to leave Zia.

Nishal’s conscience questions her, but she is now blinded by the passion she has for Zain and the hatred she has for Rabail. We have a feeling both these will prove to be a deadly combination and perhaps set Nishal on fire.


The duo is spotted by Abrar, Zain’s father, who cannot tolerate this and gets a cardiac arrest. He tells Zain straight off that he has seen him and Nishal together. Will Zain accept Rabail now, owing to his father’s serious condition or will he find a way to be with Nishal. For now Koi Chand Rakh has us hooked to its episodes, because we really want to find out what happens next.


For now, we have some amazing performances by the play’s lead cast, especially Imran Abbas and Muneeb Butt. Both the men, set the screens sizzling with their presence. Ayeza Khan looked absolutely gorgeous in this episode and we want to see her personality blossom when and if she has Zain with her.

Stay tuned to Koi Chand Rakh, every Thursday on ARY Digital and you won’t be disappointed.

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