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Koi Chand Rakh Episode 18 Review: Rabail is now devastated!

The 18th episode of Koi Chand Rakh, went on air yesterday and left a lot of questions for us. How vile and selfish Zain and Nishal are and how unaware Zain is of everything that he intends to divorce his pregnant wife for the sake of his illicit affair, which he has now converted into a secret Nikkah.

This week, we saw Gulshan and Sobia spotting Zia in a mall and it is then that Zia tells them each and everything regarding Zain and Nishal. On the other hand, Umair, who received Nishal’s pictures, shows them to his mother and upon Asad’s sudden arrival, tries to hide away from him. However, Asad, who sees the images, is enraged and vows to shoot Nishal as soon as she comes home.


Upon Umair’s intervention, Asad does not pull the trigger but he throws Nishal out of the house, who lands upon Zain’s door and breaks Rabail’s happy bubble, when she tells him that she is Zain’s second wife.

Rabail is in a state of shock and denial. She does not believe, her husband and her cousin sister is capable of such a vile act and urges Zain to please tell her that its not the truth.

We saw some amazing performances by Ayeza Khan, Areeba Habib, Muneeb Butt and Imran Abbas this week. Areeba Habib has certainly learned the craft well under veteran director Siraj ul Haq who has translated Maha Malik’s script amazingly on screen.

Zain and Nishal have a disgusting personality and perhaps they deserve each other and not honest people like Rabail in their lives. What is more upsetting and detestable is that Zain conveniently threw out Rabail from his house/room and invited Nishal in! What a despicable excuse for a man he is!

Stay tuned to Koi Chand Rakh, every Thursday on ARY Digital at 8pm to see how this story of love, deceit, revenge and hatred progresses.

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