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Koi Chand Rakh Episode 24 in review: Is Zain having regrets?

Nishal's insecurity has become tiresome for Zain


Week after week, Koi Chand Rakh, keeps getting more and more interesting as the drama is perhaps building up on its climax. Zain is now regretting his decision to be with Nishal and move from one place to another, finding a way to tackle her insecurities. Imran Abbas keeps impressing as Zain while Areeba Habib as Nishal has learnt from the best there are in field, as she portrays the young, insecure girl with perfection. We have seen Ayeza Khan’s character Rabail flower into a strong woman and Khan has definitely delivered another amazing performance. And although we missed Muneeb Butt as Umair this week, he has carved a place for himself not only in the drama but the industry.

This week we saw how Nishal’s insecurities have grown to a point that she decides upon taking her life. After a showdown with Zain’s family and asking Zain to cut off all ties to be with her, Nishal insists him to take her away somewhere nobody knows them.


An year passes and Rabail has become a stronger woman. She does not want anything to do with Zain and has made it clear to all. She continues to live with Gulshan and be her strongest support as a daughter.

Over the course of time, it appears Zain has become irritated with Nishal’s insecurites and her constantly badgering him about seeing one doctor after another. Zain lets out his frustration on Nishal stating how he hates living as a wanderer, moving from one place to another in search of Nishal’s inner peace.


Next week’s promo shows Zain returning to his family and trying to be with Rabail and his daughter Ujala while Rabail makes it clear to him that she is not at all interested in reconciling with him at any cost. We’re getting more and more interested in the drama, which is perhaps building up towards its climax soon.

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