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Koi Chand Rakh Last Episode 27 Review: A satisfactory end!

Life comes a full circle for Zain


All that glitters is not gold and this rang very true for Zain in the last episode of Koi Chand Rakh. Whatever happened with Zain was very much deserved. He did not deserve to be forgiven, given what he had done with Rabail and during the time she needed him the most. The note Koi Chand Rakh ended on has left us entirely satisfied on all grounds. Nishal and Zain got what they deserved and Rabail, who never thought about harming anyone, finally found herself at peace.


Zain was confident that he would get Rabail to come with him, misjudging her strength as a woman. However, Rabail stood strong and demanded a divorce, exerting her right to do so. Zain could not believe what happened with him but we found it satisfactory enough since he had left Rabail very helpless when she needed him the most.

In the end Rabail chose to be with Umair and trust his true love. However, the only thing we felt was, that if she knew he loved her so much, why did she had to make him wait so much. Nevertheless, the wait and the time gave Umair time to mature and become sensible enough to handle situations.

As vain as Nishal and Zain were, it served them right to be with each other in the end.


Siraj ul Haq’s vision as a director and Maha Malik’s story definitely complemented each other. The way Siraj guided his actors, brought out amazing performances even from first timers like Areeba Habib. Areeba as Nishal was amazing and so was Imran Abbas as Zain. Muneeb Butt as Umair delivered splendidly in the start of the drama and we didn’t like his character being sidelined. Ayeza Khan as Rabail gave a solid performance and owned Koi Chand Rakh. In short, this was one good entertainer that delivered a subtle message that our society needed to hear. Although its hard to come across people like Rabail, but definitely one needs to know that all that glitters is never gold.

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