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Malaal e Yaar Episode-24 Review: Amber finds that Faiq is Minhal’s fiance

With a gripping plot, interesting characters and amazing portrayal, no wonder drama serial Malaal e yaar has become our most favorite watch for which we wait for the whole week. The play is getting more and more interesting as the story proceeds. This episode revolves around Amber and Faiq and their realization that Faiq is engaged with Amber’s cousin.

Amber forces Faiq to meet her in the mall restaurant and coincidentally it is the same mall where Minhal and Faiq’s mother has come for shopping. Faiq’s mother see Faiq with Amber and gets worried she diverts Minhal to some other place so she cannot see them together but later when she gets back to the home and she snubs Faiq hard on meeting Amber and she says that he has tried his best to embarrass her what if Minhal see him with her?


Faiq although agrees to meet Amber but his heart is not at all inclined towards her. He clearly tells her that she has now no place in his heart or in his life. Despite Amber’s insisting, Faiq is resolute that he has now no feelings for her. Amber tells him how her wedding gets canceled and how Balaaj has married her cousin but it also does not move Faiq’s heart he just said that he pities her and walks off the restaurant by saying that their chapter is closed.


Amber actually truly deserves all this, she is too mad on what Faiq said to her that she starts shouting at the maid and when Syeda tries to calm her she is misbehaving with her too. On which Hooriya snubs her and they have a heated argument, Amber says that you too shout on Balaaj. Hooriya calls Balaaj and asks him that he discuss their fights with Amber on which he says that Hooriya is mad why would he will do such women talk with Amber!


Faiq’s mother invite all the ladies of the house for dinner and there Faiq and Amber see each other and Faiq realized that he is engaged to Amber’s cousin. Amber simply cannot stand this fact that Faiq is engaged to Minhal she tries to talk with Faiq that he has done that just to make her jealous on which he says  that he has no idea that she is your cousin and he has not done that to make her jealous as he has now no feelings for her, he has moved on. Amber is shattered on hearing this she cries in front of her mother but she does not tell her the whole story. Her mother assures her that now she will do whatever she will tell her to do. Pathetic Amber still have hopes that she will get Faiq.

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