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Malaal e Yaar Episode-32 Review: Balaaj is falling in love with Hooriya

Hooriya and Minhal's mother gets paralyzed

Malaal e Yaar Episode-32 ReviewIn this episode Hooriya wants to bring change for the people - OyeYeah

Malaal e Yaar is one of our most favorite watches of the week and the best part about the play is that it on-airs two episodes in a week. The play is depicting a feudalistic mindset and it is all about love and jealousy and how badly it affects the life of the other. Balaaj’s character portrayal is the best thing about that play and Balaaj and Hooriya’s scenes are so interesting to watch, we love to watch those scenes.

The episode begins with Samreen gets fainted and she is hospitalized, Doctor tells that she is under great stress and now she is paralyzed. Wajahat takes Samreen and girls at the Haveli where Saeeda takes great care of Samreen despite Bibi Jaan’s warnings that if Samreen will get well what she will do. However, Saeeda is very positive she says that if she is destined to have Wajahat’s love no one can snatch it from her and if she is not destined to have his love no one can bring it to her. Although she gets little envied when she overhears Wajahat expressing his love to Samreen.

Hooriya and Balaaj scenes are the best part of the play and it seems like there is an air of romance surrounding them. Hooriya is enjoying teasing Balaaj and Balaaj is very happy to see her back in his room, he cannot stop laying his eyes on her and there is a big smile on his face. Hooriya acknowledges that she is thankful for Balaaj as he did not discuss about their marriage in front of her mother. It also seems as if Hooriya is enjoying teasing Balaaj.

Amber is so pathetic and she has no self respect as she is till after Faiq, she takes lift in his car and Bibi Jaan sees her coming with him and she gets furious she tells Amber to stay away from him. Faiq comes at Haveli with some gifts her mother has sent for Minhal but Amber is so happy as if he has come for her, although Minhal is not at home but Amber has not told him about it and she starts talking with him

Bibi Jaan enters the room when Amber is frankly talking with Faiq and Bibi Jaan tells Faiq that Minhal is not home, Faiq is going to leave but Amber is insisting him to have tea. Bibi Jaan is mad at Amber for being frank with Faiq. But Amber is so pathetic that she is not ready to give up on him. Minhal arrives when Bibi Jaan is scolding Amber to stay away from Faiq and it seems like that she has heard all this.

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