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Malaal e Yaar Episode-45 Review: Amber is being malacious

Danish is being mean and selfish in love .

Malaal e Yaar Episode-45 ReviewIn this episode Amber is being malacious - OyeYeah Drama Reviews

Malaal e Yaar the drama serial running on HUM TV is one of the most engaging serials, the best thing about this play is Balaaj and Hooriya’s romantic scenes but it seems that we are not going to see such cute romantic scenes more in the play as Amber is going to ruin their beautiful relationship and thanks to that stupid Danish who is being her puppet.

The episode begins when Balaaj clearly tells Taya Sarkar that he is not going to be part of any such crime in the future. His tone and attitude is totally different and changed this time when he is talking with his Taya Sarkar there is no reverence. Taya Sarkar’s attitude has changed as well, he is not as harsh as he used to be, his tone is a bit apologetic he says that he did not want to kill Samreen.

Minhal and Faiq’s wedding preparations are on full swing and Amber get to know through Saeeda that Minhal and Faiq are getting married, her own mother knows her nature so she has purposely hidden Minhal and Faiq’s wedding news from her but when Amber gets to know about the wedding and having no self-respect she goes straight at Faiq’s office and begs him to save their relationship on which Faiq very nicely refuses her and tells her that if she loves him she should have been happy for him and wish him well, Amber is speechless she leaves his office.

Amber is being extremely wicked and malicious. She is now plotting against Hooriya to vilify her character in front of Balaaj and what is more surprising is that Danish is helping her in that stupid plan. He has turned so mean and selfish in Hooriya’s love that he does not understand that Amber has malicious aims. She clearly tells him that she wants to break Minhal and Faiq’s engagement. Danish is an old friend of Minhal and Hooriya, how come he is siding with Amber? and he is ready to ruin Minhal’s happiness!

Amber asks Danish to come to the mall where she is going with Hooriya and there she sneaks out of the scene and finally Danish gets time to talk with her, she clearly tells Danish to go away and that she is happy with her life and she loves Balaaj. Still, Danish is not being ashamed of what he is doing with her. Amber is so vile that she records the video of Hooriya talking with Danish. Later Danish who is being so mean calls Balaaj and tells him that his wife is having an affair with him and sends him the video. Poor Balaaj is shocked!

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