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Malaal e Yaar Last Episode Review: Poetic justice served well!

Balaaj becomes Hooriya's biggest support.


Malaal e Yaar one of the longest and engaging drama serial running on HUM TV finally ended. The ending seems to be a perfectly satisfying one, where Poetic justice is served well, the good ones are rewarded and evil ones are punished. Karma has hit some while fortune has saved some. Overall it is one satisfying end to Watch.

The episode begins when Hooriya has got this shocking revelation that her Taya Sarkar is behind her mother and Ghulamdeen’s son and daughter in law murder. She is numb and Ghulamdeen’s words are echoing in her head. She confronts Taya Sarkar by saying that his sun is soon going to set. She calls Balaaj and also share this shocking news with her. Balaaj tells Hooriya that he will always be on her side and will always support her.


Taya Sarkar calls Balaaj and tells him to control his wife as she is crossing her limits and she is daring to confront him, and if he will not control her he himself is going to take the things into his own hands. Balaaj for the very first time confronts his own Taya by saying his signature line ” Full staap” He says that he is not going to be part of any of his sins and whatever his wife will do he is going to support her.


Malik Wajahat over hears Balaaj and Taya Sarkar’s arguments and there he gets this heartbreaking and shocking news that his own brother is behind his love Samreen’s murder. He for his whole life blindly follows whatever his brother said, but Malik Sehbaaz has always treated him like a stepbrother never acknowledged that he has sacrificed his love for him and he always regarded him as his father. Malik Wahajat is really broken.


Hooriya launches an FIR against her Taya Sarkar after facing so many hurdles. She makes use of the media and posts about all sins and crimes of Taya Sarkar. Balaaj is standing with Hooriya all the time, supporting her. Malik Shehbaaz eventually gets arrested when he is trying to escape to Dubai. Balaaj is the new Malik Sarkar but he puts the turban on his Chachoo’s head saying that he deserves to be the Malik Sarkar and he is the Malik Sarkar and Saeeda is the Bibi Sarkar of the house. What a satisfying end.

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