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Mera Rab Waris – Episode 6 Review

Mera Rab Waris is a 7th Sky Entertainment project, produced by the brilliant duo of Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi. The drama has quickly gained a fan base on Geo Entertainment because of its gripping story and a stellar cast. The lead roles are played by Danish Taimoor as Haris and Madiha Imam as Ayesha, both belonging to a very different lifestyle and belief. Mera Rab Waris portrays the story of Ayesha who stands by her religion, taking pride in her veil and strong faith, while Haris comes from a very modern family that believes more about social status than their religion.

Episode 6’s highlight is Haris as he tricks his mother into getting him engaged
The last episode clearly gave us a glimpse of Haris’s family’s opinions on Ayesha, where everyone except for his father is against her and Haris has been trying to convince everyone that he will marry Ayesha and Ayesha alone. When everything fails, we are left to wonder what will happen next.

With episode 6, the reveal comes with quite a cute, but a clever little trick by Haris
When Haris’s mother hears loud noises from his room, she rushes to find everything in a broken mess. Haris is livid and destructive, enraged over his dad for refusing his rishta for his love. He complains to his mother that his dad doesn’t love him and never has cared for his feelings; she is the only one who has always fought for him and loves him truly.

Haris’s acting in this particular scene was simply to die for. The way he was childishly whining about being deprived of love and buttering up his mother to manipulate her into getting what he wants, was splendid to watch.

As a mother, his words break her heart and she makes a vow to convince his father for the rishta. Seeing his plan work out perfectly, Haris is left with a big smile on his face!

Haris and Ayesha finally get engaged!
Haris’s father is such a lovely character and it has been very well played by Abid Ali. He supports his son and accepts his decision without question. He asks Haris to get a ring so that he can get the two engaged as soon as possible. In Ayesha’s house, things take an unexpected turn for the better as well, and Haris’s father takes the opportunity to fix a date for marriage so that there’s no turning back.

The engagement brings chaos in many lives revolving around Ayesha and Haris
The engagement might have brought the lovers closer, but it has definitely caused a lot of chaos in many lives.

Haris’s mother and sisters are completely opposed to this engagement. Haris’s brother in law, on the other hand, is simply angry at not getting invited to the event as the son in law of the family.

Faizi, who has always secretly loved Ayesha since childhood is in shock as he learns about updates related to her status.

Will everyone’s opposition to this engagement cause a problem for them?
With everyone against their relationship, the drama is heading towards a lot more chaos and we sincerely hope that Haris and Ayesha become one, in spite of the rising negativity around them.

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