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Mere Humsafar Episode-27 Review: Hala is being emotionally blackmailed by Shahjahan

ARY Digital’s drama serial Mere Humsafar is more like a Saas Bahu Saga but it has other necessary masalas which makes it an interesting watch. Farhan Saeed and Hania Amir’s onscreen chemistry is what carries this whole show. In the previous episode, we have seen Hala still reluctant to tell Hamza the truth about Khurram. In this episode, she continues not to tell Hamza anything although she has mustered some courage but not uttered a word about Khurram.

Hala has realized that Dadi’s advice has a point. No man can bear a crying wife for long he will eventually get fed up with her. Hala calls Hamza right at his meeting time and just tells him that she is sorry and Hamza on his way back brings a bouquet of roses for her what an ideal husband material Hamza is.

Not just that Hamza brought flowers for her, but when he comes back he sees her arguing with his mother and he allows her to fight for her rights and also tells her to argue where ever it is necessary to protect herself. Hala must have told Hamza the truth about Khurram by now but she still manages to avoid it and it is quite disturbing. She has no idea she is ruining her relationship by hiding this truth.

Khurram, out of now where, has turned into a sane person, after hounding Hala and being a vile person on his engagement day he has turned into a nice person by forgiving Hala. His mother’s words echo in his head where she is shaming him for his wrongdoings. Khurram has let go of all his past and is all set to start a new life with Sameen but Tayee Jaan is not ready to accept Khurram and Sameen’s engagement. She gets furious when she hears from Khurram that he has forgiven Hala.

Rumi is busy carrying on an affair. The boy seems a clever person hoping that he won’t do any harm to Rumi. Shahjahan is now blaming poor Hala for ruining Sameen’s life, according to her Hala is using Sameen as a scapegoat and she is deliberately letting her marry a cheat. She is now using poor Hala’s innocence in her interest, she is blaming Hala that she is not caring for his Chacho Jalees who love him just like her daughter. Hala is getting emotionally blackmailed. The treat of this episode is the ending scene of Hala and Hamza. Hala and Hamza’s chemistry washes away all toxicity of this show.

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