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Meri Guriya Episode 17 and 18 Review: All evidences are going against Dabeer!

Meri Guriya has been stirring a storm on television ever since it has gone on air. One after another we’ve had excellent episodes, bringing a number of twists and turns for the viewers. The story has taken interesting turns and it seems like that the story is now slowing moving towards its resolution. Meri Guriya has been incredibly written by Radain Shah and well directed by Ali Hassan and laced with some very fine performances, espcially that by Mohsin Abbas Haider, the drama has become a must watch.

The recent episodes have shown some ray of hope. The episode  shows that things are now reversing and there has emerged a ray of hope as people are speaking up and coming in support for Abida, while the police officer has been suspended.

The episodes begin when Jahan Ara is trying to take advantage of her being homeless and she tries to honey trap Dabeer. Dabeer clearly shows her a cold shoulder on which Jahan Ara feels humiliated and in return just to scandalize herself with Dabeer she tells Safeena that Dabeer used to come to their home at the middle of the night and that he used to intoxicate all the family members. Although Safeena initially ignores what Jahan Ara tells her, but the mention of intoxicating the entire family hits her.


It seems so strange that Samreen is missing from the house and her brother and father are just okay with it, instead of finding her Yawar is busy in handling the affairs of his neighbor. He holds a strong opinion that he doesn’t believe what Dabeer said about their sister and that she holds  a  strong moral character. However, he still doesn’t go to the police until Safeena advises him to.


Well it is said that no matter how cunning a criminal is he always make a slight small mistake which takes people to him, and yes Dabeer commits that mistake. He starts eyeing Shehnaz’s daughters, by looking at them inappropriately, offering them chocolates over and over and trying to get free with them. Well a glimpse of it, also startles Safeena when she see him sitting so close with the girls in an inappropriate way of dressing.


Moreover the careful and wise girls tell their mother about Dabeer’s inappropriate behavior which alarms Shehnaz too.  It seems so strange that some people are still so against Shehnaz and Safeena that they can go to any limit in opposing them!  They are even  ready to kill! It just reflects our society how they oppose when anyone is struggling  for a noble cause.

The police investigates Dabeer and notices his extraordinary frightened behavior but lets him go. Shehnaz finally shares her daughter’s opinion about Dabeer to Shahmeer on which he does not agree but Shehnaz insists. Perhaps it will now click to Shahmeer that the last time he saw Abida was when she was giving Dabeer water.

For now, we’re eagerly waiting for the drama to reach its climax because we know this is when we’ll get what we’ve waited for most. Dabeer getting served for his crimes will give us satisfaction, until then we’ll hope and pray nothing of the sort happens again, even if its just a drama.


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