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Meri Shehzadi Episode-17 Review: Sheroze decides to announce Cam as his first wife

Dania has lost her support as Shahana backs Cam and Sheroze

Meri Shehzadi drama serial airing on Hum TV is a different story inspired by the life of Lady Diana. However, the play has turned quite dragging and has kinda lost our interest. Performances are good Atiqa Odho jee is carrying the whole show with her brilliant portrayal of Shahana. In the previous episode, we have seen that Dania compromises for her political career and Cam is back on the scene. In this episode, Cam’s love overshadowed Sheroze’s political aspirations and he is ready to announce her as his first wife.

This episode begins with Cam’s entry into the house and despite Dania and his father’s fierce opposition, Shehroze is resolute that Cam will be going to stay with him in this house. Shahana does not oppose his son and Andeleeb is also supporting Cam in order to hurt Dania. Well, Dania should have left the house but she did not. This time it seems that she has compromised for her political career and kids.

Shahana is kinda taking her revenge on Dania for her misbehavior with her by being too close and praising Cam. Cam is too happy she is cooking pancakes for them but Cam’s patience level comes to its zenith when Cam cooks dishes for a political dinner but Shahana introduces her as his son’s classmate. Well, thankfully they have also addressed that video about her in which she says that it was merely baseless that she is just a classmate of his son.

Shahana on the other hand introduces Dania as her daughter-in-law and also the guests praise Dania for her welfare work. This has made Cam jealous and insecure, she asks Sheroze to announce her as his wife and own his son for their future. She even says that she is ready to accept Islam for him. Then she has the guts to tell to the whole family that Sheroze is going to announce Cam as his wife.

Dania is the most spineless and brainless girl instead of reminding Sheroze of his promises she should have backed out and focused more on her political career. She should leave Sheroze without saying anything to him. Well, Sheroze’s love for Cam has overshadowed his political aspirations but why Shahana is letting him do that? Will it not going to affect their political careers of course yes with Dania’s popularity leaving Sheroze will definitely going to dent their politics. Shahana tells Sheroze to let Dania go and leave his kids with her too.

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