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Mujhe Pyaar Hua Tha Episode-7 Review: Is Maheer and Areeb’s wedding really going to happen?

Saad is being a real hero

ARY Digital drama serial Mujhe Pyaar Hua Tha is down with 7 episodes and the story is getting intense. Overall performances are good but particularly this show is carried by Wahaj Ali’s phenomenal performance, his eyes are like a palette of emotions. In the previous episode, we watched that Saad took the whole blame for refusing Maheer on himself. In this episode, it is shown that Maheer is getting married to Areeb but a mishap happens right on the wedding day.

It would not be wrong to say that this show belongs to Wahaaj and his intense performance is what carries the entire show. Characters are also well sketched but it is the story which does not seem convincing in places. Over-sensationalizing of the scenes and careless story treatment at various places makes this show a full-time off. For instance, Areeb blackmailing his parents to kill himself is quite an irresponsible thing to show on the screen.

Areeb is manipulative we have seen this streak in him while pressurizing his parents to let him marry Maheer. Suicide is not something we should normalize on screens people do such kind of blackmailing but it is quite irresponsible at the makers’ end to show it on screen. Areeb has finally been successful in making her snobbish mother agree to Maheer’s proposal but she has not accepted Maheer by heart.

Saad is a true hero despite being so passionately in love with Maheer, he is not being toxic-ally obsessive towards her. In fact, Saad respects her choice. He despite facing such harsh behaviour by his chachoo, is still there to arrange all wedding venue preparations. That mehndi scene where Maheer so heartlessly asks him to write Abeer’s name on her hand is such a heartbreaking scene. Our heart goes out to Saad but one wonders is Maheer that naive that she can never sense Saad’s feelings for her?

From Maheer’s perspective, everything seems perfect for her, she is getting married to the man she loves. Areeb is being the man every girl can dream of he is handsome, and rich and on top of that he adores Maheer. Maheer’s wedding is no less than a fairy tale wedding where she is all dolled up to marry her prince charming. However, it seems that there is a climax to this fairy tale love story as a mishap happens right on the Wedding day. Areeb’s father gets critically ill right when they are about to depart as a Baraat. The question arises will Areeb still going to take his Baraat to Maheer’s place or will it going to be that typical ” Larki Ki Baraat Nahi Ayee” wala scene. I don’t understand why people make such a deal of this trivial matter Areeb has a solid reason his father is in critical condition and why the wedding cannot be postponed.


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