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Muqaddar Epiosde-10 Review: Sardar Saif is trying all tactics to impress Raima

Raima eventually meets her Mamu and Mami

Muqaddar-Epiosde-10-ReviewIn this episode Sardar Saif is trying all tactics to impress Raima - OyeYeah Drama Reviews

GEO Entertainment aired another episode of drama serial Muqaddar, the play although is a cliche in terms of the storyline where a feudal lord kidnaps an RJ and forcefully marries her but it is the treatment with the story and the crafting of the characters which makes it interesting, the story will going to deal with the issue of Stockholm syndrome. Well, we certainly do not want a headstrong girl like Raima fall for her own kidnapper but Sardar Saif is very artfully playing all his cards. The writer Iqbal Bano has very brilliantly penned the story, execution is too on point and performances are incredible as well.

Sardar Saif really knows how to play his cards very smartly. For him, he does not want to just possess Raima but his aim is to make her fall in love with him. Well according to present circumstances it seems impossible to make her fall in love with Sardar Saif a man who has literally ruined her life but there are fair chances that Raima may become victim of Stockholm syndrome.


Well Stockholm syndrome is a mental disorder in which the one who is kidnapped falls in love with its captivator or he develops a feeling of attachment or affiliation for him over a period of time. It usually happens when the person who has been kidnapped is at the mercy of its captivator, her kidnapper could have killed her, raped her but he does not do attempt any harm to her in fact he is being very kind and nice to her, showering her with gifts, this caring attitude will eventually makes the victim fall in love with its own kidnapper. The classic fairy tale example of which is Beauty and the Beast.


Well, Sardar Saif is trying his level best to win Raima’s heart though he exhibits his force where ever he can on her, threatens her but on the other hand, he is being really nice with her. He has given her respect, Begum Sarkar title, allows her to meet her Mamu and Mami but forbids her not to meet Haris for his life security. When Raima returns from her Mamu’s place Saif has surprised her with her own house which is more like a luxurious mansion with a fleet of servants, until now these gifts and benignity have not touched Raima, she still hates him the to the core.


Raima’s meeting with her Mamu and Mami is very heart wrenching, the way she imparts her news of her nikkah with Sardar Saif and then how her Mami is so disturbed to see her daughter like that she begs her not to go but she has to leave. Raima pleads her Mami not to tell Haris anything about her visit. Sardar Saif asks her that has she met Haris on which Raima coldly replies that if she had met him she would not have been able to come back.

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