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Muqaddar Episode-11 Review: Sardar Saif is showing no flexibility towards Raima!

Muqaddar, a serial by 7th Sky Entertainment on GEO Entertainment is one of our most favorite drama serials, although the play seems to have a very cliche story line where a feudal lord kidnaps a girl and forcefully marries her it is the treatment of the play plus the mind-blowing performances which are making this play one of our most favorite Watch. Faisal Qureshi’s portrayal as Sardar Saif is brilliantly carried out, while Madiha Imam’s performance in the character of Raima is pretty impressive as well.

Sardar Saif is not being really nice with Raima. He has gifted her a huge house but her position is more like a slave, an obedient wife who cannot live according to her wishes. Every thig she does os being controlled, from what she will eat to the way she gets dressed everything is under Sardar Saif’s control. The way Sardar Saif teases Raima about meeting Haris and then challenging her is way too savage. It seems that he is too insecure about him.


Saad’s character is pitiful, but it is not a weak character being a true gentleman and a kind heart person he is nothing like his uncle. We are expecting that in this episode he will get to know about his uncle’s reality but he is still in ignorance, we really feel bad for him. He sees his fiance dating a guy and the way his fiance is treating him is not what he deserves. He is such a gem heart the way he respects and cares for his Chachi and then how bad he feels when he sees tears in Abeera’s eyes speaks volumes about his character which is entirely different from his uncle’s.


Haris is yet another pitiable character we have all our sympathies for. He has not yet been over with Raima’s thoughts but it seems that since Raima is married so there are going to be greater chances for the neighbor’s girl to marry him. Haris’s mother also this time treats her nicely unlike Haris who always get irritated by that annoying girl. Haris still does not know that Raima has married Sardar Saif. Haris and Saad’s telephone conversation is very sad, they both are concerned about Raima and she certainly deserves any one of them, not Sardar Saif.


Sardar Saif is showing no flexibility to Raima, she even is not allowed to live the way she likes. She has to eat when Sardar Saif orders her to eat. Her condition forces her to make a comparison  in mind the way Haris used to treat her and how Sardar Saif is forcefully making her do the stuff. She is miserably missing Haris and her old life where she has the liberty to live like the way she wanted.

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