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Naulakha -Episode 13 Review

Will Tehreem and Zain survive the accident?


Amorous cousins becoming envious strangers, dearly loved becoming haters and blood relations going mean, that’s the story of the outstanding drama serial Naulakha. A brilliant production by 7th Sky Entertainment and another smash by the significant duo of Asad Qureshi and Abdullah Kadwani!


Shafaq is distressed by the marriage of Zain and Tehreem, while they are happily planning to build their future dream house. Noor Jahan comes to a surprise when Anwar Ali reveals this fact to her as a taunt. She complains to Zain for keeping his new house plan a secret from her. She is obviously unhappy and envious for the happy couple. Shafaq also shows disappointment in Tehreem, for keeping this new plan a secret from her. She doesn’t take part discussing the plan rather shows unpleasant behavior towards them. Poor Shafaq! Her life is shattered, all because of her broken heart and lost love.

Rohail and Qurattulain get blessed with an adorable baby boy, making everyone happy. But the fact that Zain and Tehreem don’t expect a baby yet persuaded Noor Jahan to talk to Zain about it. She suggests Zain to take Tehreem to a gynecologist. Tehreem and Mumtaz also worry about this matter but just before the situation got worse, Tehreem conceives a baby. The news was enough to bring a shock to Noor Jahan’s spiteful heart. On the other side, it proved to bring another torture to Shafaq.

Anwar Ali surprises Qurattulain with a plot as a gift for his grandson. No wonder she becomes extremely excited as the lust of wealth runs through her veins. Mumtaz and Shehzad also feel happy about the gift but Rohail? He seems a bit insulted somehow. It was so clear that he somehow managed to hide his uncomfortable feelings. On the other hand, Akbar Ali brings a tease to Noor Jahan by talking to her about a good proposal for Shafaq which she rejects once and for all. But later on she asks Akbar Ali to call the family at home, persuaded by the distressing rumors about Shafaq’s age and marriage.

The story takes twists once again when Zain and Tehreem plan to attend a Walima ceremony of Zain’s friend. Tehreem insists Mumtaz to let her wear Naulakha necklace but Mumtaz refuses which makes Tehreem sad. Zain drives the car fast to reach the venue on time but meets a car accident, leaving mouths open and minds filled with questions. Is this the end? Will they survive the car accident? What about the unborn heir? We have to wait for a week to answer our curiosities till then let us know what you think will happen.

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