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Parizaad Episode-22 Review: Parizaad shuns Naheed’s advances in his own way

Parizaad the magnum opus with an ensemble cast is a big-time winner at HUM TV. Ahmed Ali Akbar, Yumna Zaidi, and Ushna Shah’s brilliant performances and the nuances in the play are making this serial a super hit. In the previous episode, Parizaad finds a true admirer of him in form of Ainee who he realizes is blind. In this episode, Parizaad visits Ainee’s place to meet her mother.

Parizaad gets mortified the moment he realizes that Ainee cannot see, she is blind. He is accusing Ainee of humiliating his looks but then he comes to know that she cannot see, she is really in love with his inner self. RJ Ainee is a true admirer of Parizaad. Ainee tells Parizaad that her name is Quratulain but she cannot see that is the irony of her life. Similarly like Parizaad’s name.

Parizaad goes to meet Ainee at her place and she introduces him to her mother. Ainee’s exuberance on Parizaad’s arrival at her house is clearly evident by her bright smile. Parizaad gets to know that Ainee is raised single handily by her mother as his father died when she was very young. Ainee is not blind by birth but due to a certain illness, she lost her sight in her childhood. Her mother further tells him that she has inherited her taste for literature and poetry from her late father.

Parizaad’s enemies are after him, right in front of Quratulain’s flat someone within the guards’ squad makes a call and a black car starts following Parizaad’s car. Akbar is so worried for his master he is already in alert mode but then how come he missed that a car is following them. Later he finds out that the goons of Seth Shehbaaz were following them. He comes to know that Parizaad’s life is in danger and he might get hurt or God forbid may get killed by one of his enemies but we do not want this to happen we want a happy ending.

Naheed’s sister conveys her sister’s message to Parizaad and to our surprise Parizaad accepts her wish to meet her and invites her to his place. Well, one thing I really detest about Parizaad is that he is too nice, he is being nice to people he should not need to be nice. Naheed is among such people who has wronged him and now since she is married it is so inappropriate to meet her like that. Anyways Parizaad has made us happy by shunning Naheed’s advances but in his own nice and subtle manner. Parizaad has told Naheed in a subtle way that she still does not love him, she is after his money and status.

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