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Pehli Si Muhabbat Episode 12 Review: Rakshi fails to speak for her love

Akram tells Faiz about Rakshi and Aslam's affair

Pehli Si Muhabbat Episode 12 ReviewPehli Si Muhabbat Episode 12 Review - OyeYeah Drama Reviews

Pehli Si Muhabbat the exquisite love story is now taking a tragic turn. In the last episode, Rakshi’s father rejects Aslam’s proposal. In this episode, Faiz and Sikandar’s father take their grudges out on Akram which is not making any sense, and during those loud arguments in the middle of the bazaar, Akram names Rakshi and tells Faiz that her daughter is involved with Aslam. Performances are brilliant as usual and dialogues are powerful too.

Faiz and Sikandar’s fathers’ grudges for Akram do not make any sense. What is wrong in Aslam’s mother respectfully asking for his daughter’s hand? and when he has already refused the proposal then why they need to go to his shop and start trashing him and naming his sister? Here Faiz and his friend’s behavior is very inappropriate. Akram clearly tells them that he belongs to a respectable family and that is why his mother has respectably asked for his daughter’s hand and if he has refused the proposal then why he is arguing him for?

Akram here is not being that evil, it was out of reaction and anger that he has to name Rakshi. When Sikandar’s father starts naming his sister in the middle of the bazaar he has left with no option but to retaliate. He tells Faiz that first, he needs to ask his own daughter as she is having an affair with Aslam. Faiz gets mad on hearing Rakshi’s name.

Rakshi seems to be a weak character who has no courage to speak in front of her father for herself. She has all the rights to choose a man she wants to marry but because of these so-called societal norms and culture, she cannot clearly tell her father that she wants to marry Aslam, not Sikandar. Well, her lack of confidence also makes sense as she has spent her life without a mother so she has no courage to stand for herself. Our heart goes out for Rakshi when her father is shaking her asking her about Aslam and she has no courage to accept but to say no.

Despite Nargis’s backing Rakshi has realized that things have gotten out of hand now and her union with Aslam seems impossible. She surrenders to her fear of facing her father and she tells Nargis not to say anything about Aslam to her father. Well, Aslam has tried his best, he has gone to limits to get Rakshi but Rakshi simply has no backbone. This love does not seem to materialize and the reason seems Rakshi’s weakness. It seems that life for Rakshi is not going to be easy as Sikandar’s parents already doubting her reputation. However, Sikandar insisting to marry Rakshi seems that he is cooking some sort of revenge in his head. Our heart really goes out for poor Rakshi.

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