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Pehli Si Muhabbat Episode 4: Aslam and Rakshi are madly in love

Aslam convinces Rakshi that he only loves her


One of the cutest romance serial Pehli Si Muhabbat aired its another episode this weekend at ARY Digital. This episode is a little slower pace but it entirely belongs to Nargis played by Rabia Butt, how bravely and bluntly exposes the hypocrisy of the neighbors. Aslam and Rakshi’s love story is fully developing after facing turbulences. Aslam convinces Rakshi that it is she who he truly loves.

The episode begins on a heartbreaking scene where Aslam’s mother breaks the news of Aslam’s engagement to Rakshi. Rakshi’s world turn upside down after hearing this heartbreaking news, she feels like Aslam is just playing with her heart and feelings. Rakshi starts ignoring Aslam and she stops taking his calls. Sheharyar Munawar looks so cute when he is trying his best to convince Rakshi that he only loves her.

Aslam’s desperation and anger are so evident, the way he expresses his frustrations on poor Ladoos is nothing but food blasphemy. It makes us wonder that why Aslam’s mother and his bhabi are not getting that he is madly in love with Rakshi. Why his obvious madness is so overlooked by his family? When he throws the tray of Ladoos in front of her mother saying that why she has told Rakshi about his engagement it is so evident that he has feelings for her but his mother pays no heed to it.

We have been introduced to other characters as well Hajra who is the sister of Akram and Aslam. It was shown in the previous episode that she has been forcefully married off to someone she does not love. She loves her cousin who is played by Salim Mairaaj. Aslam’s mother calls her so that she as Aslam’s sister can accompany her to Aslam’s inlaws so she could set Aslam’s wedding date.

There are numerous cute scenes of Rakshi and Aslam in this episode. Rakshi is snubbing Aslam for stalking her and stops him from following her. Aslam finally manages to convince Rakshi that his engagement is not done with his consent and also that he truly loves only her. Rakshi and Aslam are madly in love with each other. Rakshi bunks her classes and dates Aslam in the park where she shares with him that when she was a child she cried her heart out when she saw her sister Hajra marrying a person she does not love. She says that seeing the ending of a real-life love story has broken her heart, it saddens Aslam too. These lines uttered by Rakshi seem to be foreboding, Rakshi and Aslam’s love story might have the same fate.


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