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Sabaat Episode-2 Review: Hassan seems inspired by Anaya’s vision of women empowerment

Miraal is very manupilating


Sabaat the newly started drama serial started on HUM TV aired its second episode and it seems like a fresh story where societal issues are being addressed in a very interesting way, writer Kashif Anwar and director Shehzad Kashmiri has done a commendable job to bring such a quality primetime watch. Sara Khan and Mawra Hocane are nailing their characters with their brilliant performances.

The episode begins when Miraal’s father is complaining about her attitude towards her Nani, she is being rude and disrespectful to her, but Miraal does not feel any guilt on her behavior in fact she shares with her father how disgusted she feels when her Nani shares her complexes with her. Her father does not correct her nor snubs her for being disrespectful to her grandmother.


Hassan has gone through a transformation, Anaya’s words are always echoing in his head. He has realized that he really needs to work hard to prove himself and for that, he does not need his father’s support. He has to break these clutches. Miraal creates a lot of fuss when she comes to know that Hassan is doing an online job and earning a few bucks. She complains to his father and he asks him to join his office for which Hassan is not ready.


Hassan has started using public transport and it seems like he is observing and realizing that there is a life outside his house too full of hardships and struggles. He wants to make a life on his own, not on his father’s money. Hassan has subconsciously inspired by Anaya and her words. For the very first time, he has found someone better than him and now unintentionally he is looking up to her for approval. He makes sure she comes to know that he has started earning. Aanaya this time tries to solve the matter peacefully by apologizing.


Miraal is being extremely manipulative, she tries to access Hassan’s laptop but when she fails to get the passwords she breaks his laptop. Only her mother scolds her when she misbehaves with her Nani. Miraal has not stopped here, she is no manipulative that she calls Hassan’s friend to check about his whereabouts and there she gets to know about Anaya and his latest infatuation with her. Aanya on the other hand is all set to carry her campaign against Working Women Harassment. She speaks very powerfully in the seminar where Hassan is also present. He seems to be impressed with Anaya’s vision of Women empowerment and how confidently she replies to his friend’s stupid question. It seems that Anaya has become Hassan’s inspiration.

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