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Tabeer Episode 1 Review: Brilliant Execution!

It seems Imran Ashraf really knows how to use his pen

Tabeer Episode 1 ReviewBrilliant Execution - OyeYeah Drama Reviews

Finally the much anticipated drama serial Tabeer went on air on 20th Feb at HUM TV. And we must agree, Imran Ashraf has written a beautiful script. The reason we say this is because we fell in love with the nature of relationships shown in the very first episode of Tabeer. Iqra and Imran as a couple, Iqra shunning glamorous image once more for a simple, small town girl, Imran playing the devoted servant, Shehzad Sheikh as Fawad, each and every character has been cast spot on. In fact Seemi Pasha is also a real sight to behold as the arrogant mother.

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The first episode set the mood of the story, we’re sure, this one is going to be tragic. Imran Ashraf plays Yasir while Iqra is his beautiful, pregnant wife Tabeer. Fawad is the guy Yasir works for, and it is because of his help and his favors, that Yasir has been able to carry the burden of his family. Fawad’s wife, Eshal Fayyaz is also expecting.

Ali Safina is shown as a crook who bets over cock fights. He loses one of the bets and as a revenge he grills the same cock, punishing him. It seems Safina is doing a dark character with multiple shades this time and we’re certainly looking forward for more.

Yasir’s character is as white as Ali Safina’s is black. Yasir is blessed with what he has. He loves Tabeer more than anything in his life and is happy he finally has her with him. Works keeps him away from home but he often thinks of Tabeer. Imran Ashraf is truly a versatile actor, we loved his chemistry with Ayeza Khan in Tau Dil Ka Kya Hua and now he suits well with Iqra as well.

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Fawad is a rich and successful businessman, handling his family business. His wife Zarnish is also pregnant and it seems both couples are blessed with mutual love and marital bliss.

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Yasir works as an assistant at Fawad’s office and it seems that Fawad helps him out all the time with his finances. Fawad is shown handing Yasir a cheque for which the latter seems very grateful. It is here that we get to listen to a foreboding dialogue, Yasir will do anything Fawad ever asks of him, he commits that!

Teasers of ‘Tabeer’ starring Iqra Aziz, Shehzad Sheikh and Imran Ashraf are out now on Hum TV

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The climax of the episode comes at a bad note. Fawad has planned a romantic dinner with his wife but during the course of the meal he finds out how his pregnant wife is at the last stage of cancer. And here comes the twist. Will Zarnish die? What will happen of Fawad’s child? Will he ask Yasir for his own? A lot of things will now emerge as the next episode of the drama airs.

Ahson Talish, once again has created a masterpiece with Tabeer. Spot on direction, no dragged scenes and not one out of context mention, Tabeer has become our new Tuesday favorite for sure!

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