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Tum Ho Wajah Episode-10 Review: Babar starts blaming his mother for his father ‘s death

The play relvoles around the blame game

Tum Ho Wajah Episode-10 ReviewIn this episode Babar starts blaming his mother for his father 's death - OyeYeah Drama Reviews

Tum Ho Wajah the drama serial running at HUM TV is quite over the top in terms of its storyline, characters, and performances are good,  but at points, the story seems to be a bit dragging. The whole play revolves around the blame game where every other person is blaming others. Chanda’s mother is carrying the whole burden of blame, now his son starts blaming him too for her husband’s death. Savira Nadeem and Ali Abbas’s performances are amazing.

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The episode begins when Chanda’s mother is in deep shock, she is on sleeping pills. Then we see that office colleague who frequently used to visit the house bringing food and telling Babar that he is going to visit them more often and he will take care of the children because it is his responsibility the way he is saying that makes him shady and also the way Chachu is staring him and he is staring him back makes his character even more dubious.


Chachu is so vile that he is not feeling any shame on being the actual reason of his brother’s death in fact he is trying his best to manipulate the situation at his own end, he is feeding Baber’s mind against his own mother by telling him a fake story that Bhabi jee and Bhai Sahab had a very loud argument about Chanda before the death.


Chanda and Shahab’s relationship is also spoiled, Chanda is blaming him for not letting her see his dead father’s face for the last time, she is in deep grieve and depressed. Shahab’s parents are also making this situation in their favor they are resolute that they will break this marriage but they are playing their cards very smartly. Sitara is blaming poor Danish and herself for her father’s death.


Chanda’s mother after gaining consciousness start shouting at her bother in law for slapping her husband and being the reason of his death but she is too late, he has already poisoned his son’s mind. Babar tells his Chachu to leave the house and he starts blaming his own mother for his father’s death. Poor mother is carrying such a heavy burden of blame on her shoulders. It seems that she has lost her mind then we see her entering into her brother in law’s house and attacking him with a knife! Is it just a dream or is she really committing such a huge mistake?

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